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Behind The Bib: New Lucky Claypot Rice

Time-honoured recipes and a time-consuming cooking method are the secret behind each charcoal-kissed claypot of rice.

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5 Home-grown Distillers To Taste The Singapore Spirit

Sip on gin, vodka and cachaça produced by local labels and Singapore-based craft distilleries.

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5 Michelin-listed Hotels For A Family Weekend Brunch

End the June school holidays with a bang at one of these fun-filled weekend brunches with delicious options for all ages and activities that kids will love.

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Tracing the Origin: Two-Faced Pan-Fried Noodles

Find out if two-faced pan-fried noodles, or liang mian huang, originated from Chaozhou or Shanghai and if it is equivalent to Cantonese fried noodles with sliced pork.

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Souped Up: 6 Savoury Beverage Alternatives

Cutting out sugar and caffeine? Here are some tasty, savoury beverages from around the world to shake up your drinking options.

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American Fast Food Chain Five Guys To Open In Singapore By November

Besides Five Guys, lifestyle company Zouk Group will also open FUHU Restaurant & Bar in Genting by chef Alvin Leung of three-MICHELIN-starred Bo Innovation later this year.

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6 Michelin-recommended Kid-Friendly Restaurants In Singapore

Even with grubby little hands around, you can still have your cake and eat it too.

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Father's Day: Give Dad A Roast At These 5 Meaty Places

Beef up the celebrations for dad with food treats that are fit for carnivores.

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5 Michelin-recommended Hotels For A Family Staycation

The school holidays are upon us. Here’s where to go for a family retreat without leaving the island.

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Tracing the Origin: Hong Kong’s Famous Char Siu Egg Rice

This roasted pork rice bowl was made famous by Stephen Chow’s 1996 movie and went from reel life to real life to become part of Hong Kong’s food lexicon.

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The Scoop: JAAN Renamed to JAAN By Kirk Westaway, Wu Pao Chun And Gram Come To Singapore, New Eateries At The Alkaff Mansion

A round-up of good eats and dining news from Singapore in June 2019.

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5 Unique Dumplings For Dragon Boat Festival 2019

This year’s offerings include plant-based “meat” fillings, bazhang stuffed in bamboo tubes and a giant pillow good for 10 hungry people.

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On The Michelin-Recommended List: Haig Road Putu Piring

Fourth-generation owner Aisha Hashim talks about the need to keep up with the times.

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What Is... Vertical Farming?

Find out more about this towering way of growing produce and where you can taste them in restaurants here.

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Kitchen Designers to the Stars

Working behind the scenes, kitchen designers set the stage for great chefs in the United States to shine.

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6 Bib Gourmand Establishments For A Vegetarian Meal

Here are some good-value Michelin-recommended places to head to on Meatless Mondays.

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The Scoop: May 2019

A round-up of good eats and dining news from Singapore in May 2019.

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7 Fun Foodie Ideas For A Special Mother’s Day

From private dining sessions, do-it-yourself meal kits to brunch and bouquet-making workshop, here are some fun ideas to make Mother’s Day celebrations this year a little more special.