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Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Negroni Darmagi

Mixologist Samy Berdai of Daniel Boulud's Boulud Sud in New York shares his take on this iconic cocktail.


Dining In 2 minutes
Recipe: Heirloom Tomato Salad With Home-made Burrata
At Bib Gourmand establishment Bar-Roque Grill, chef Stephane Istel makes his own cheeses from goat’s and cow’s milk sourced right here in Singapore.
Dining In 2 minutes
Recipe: Teochew Jellied Pig Trotter
Patience is the key to achieving rich umami flavour and melt-in-the-mouth consistency in this classic Teochew dish, says Dylan Ong of The Masses.
Dining In 2 minutes
Technique Thursday: Velveting In Chinese Cooking
Velveting is the trick that Chinese restaurants use to make their stir-fried meats so deliciously silky and tender.
Dining In 2 minutes
Recipe: Olivia’s Creamy Homemade Cheesecake
Basque-style burnt cheesecake makes its way across the internet and Olivia’s refined rendition oozes style and substance.
Dining In 2 minutes
Recipe: Crab Roll With Chicken Liver And Salted Egg
Chefs Sin Leong and Hooi Kok Wai of the famous Red Star Restaurant reveal their recipe for a Cantonese classic.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Citrusy Buntan Mantou
Rope the kids in to make these cheerful buns by Janice Wong, fluffy and fragrant with Japanese buntan.
Dining In 2 minutes
Technique Thursday: Poaching In Chinese Cooking
Poaching is a basic technique in Chinese cooking, sometimes used together with stir-frying or steaming to introduce more complex flavours and textures to dishes.
Dining In 2 minutes
Kitchen Language: What Is Bouquet Garni?
This little herb packet adds flavourful French flair to stews, stocks and sauces.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Mini Kobe Cheeseburgers with Remoulade Sauce
Pucker up for these sliders from celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, which are perfect for any social gathering.
Dining In 1 minute
Technique Thursday: What Is Emulsification?
What you need to know about the technique for making the creamiest, silkiest sauces and dressings.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Kale, Seeds And Grains Salad
Shannon Binnie, group executive chef of nature-inspired restaurant The Botanic, shares his vegan-friendly salad quick fix.
Dining In 2 minutes
Ask The Expert: Swedish Cooking Techniques
Tristin Farmer, executive chef of Restaurant Zén, the Singapore outpost of three-Michelin-starred Frantzén in Sweden, highlights the Swedish influences in his cuisine.
Dining In 2 minutes
Recipe: Gulai Kambing
To share the joy of Hari Raya Puasa, chef Haikal Johari of one-Michelin-starred Alma shares a contemporary update of his family recipe for curried lamb.
Dining In 3 minutes
Technique Thursday: Chinese-style Smoking
Smoking heated tea leaves or wood shavings imparts colour, aroma and fragrance to ingredients and is one of the techniques of Chinese cuisine.
Dining In 1 minute
The Perfect Wine Pairings for Your Next Barbecue
Three sommeliers from Michelin-recommended restaurants in the United States share what to drink with burgers, ribs, vegetable skewers and more.
Dining In 2 minutes
6 Most Common Varieties Of Edible Seaweed
These vegetables of the sea are tasty, versatile and packed with nutrients.
Dining In 3 minutes
What You Need To Know About Microgreens
From MICHELIN-starred restaurants to home kitchens, these mini vegetables are making a big mark on the culinary scene.
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