Features 2 minutes
A Day in the Life of an Inspector

The Michelin Guide Inspectors reveal some secrets…


Features 4 minutes
10 Tips On Eating The Sustainable Way
Tips you need to know about adopting the sustainable dining lifestyle.
Features 6 minutes
Hotels Up Their Game In Food And Beverage Offerings
More hotels are becoming full-fledged dining destinations to stand out from the tight competition in the hospitality sector.
Features 2 minutes
Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Are More Than Just Juice
Non-alcoholic beverage pairings are getting popular in the United States with more restaurants offering complex juices and teas that are jazzed up with preserves, spices and syrups.
Features 8 minutes
Singapore Chefs Flying The Flag In MICHELIN-Listed Restaurants Overseas
In the lead-up to National Day, the MICHELIN Guide Digital speaks to three Singaporean chefs who work in the United States, Hong Kong and Norway to share about taking the road less travelled.
Features 5 minutes
Boon Or Bane: Restaurant Reservation Deposits
We have no qualms paying ahead for movie tickets and air fares, so why not a meal?
Features 6 minutes
Belgian Chocolate Is Coming Out of Its (Sea)Shell
Gone are the days of sea creature shapes. Contemporary chocolate makers in Belgium are experimenting with new tastes and production methods.
Features 4 minutes
The Rise Of New Korean Gastronomy
One of the most vibrant food cultures in the world, a new generation of young chefs is leading the charge in South Korea and beyond.
Features 4 minutes
Breathing New Life Into Food Waste
From using oddly shaped vegetables to utilising food waste to fertilise plants, food industry insiders are sparking conversation and community around sustainability in different ways.
Features 6 minutes
Are Plant-Based Meat Substitutes The Way To Go In The Dining World?
Chefs share their reasons for and against using a new slew of synthetic meat that are appearing on menus in Singapore.
Features 4 minutes
Ode To Mum: Chefs Whose Mothers Inspire Their Careers
Three heartwarming stories of the lasting impact of loving mothers on chefs running Michelin-starred restaurants.
Features 6 minutes
The Changing Face Of Chinese Cuisine
Three vanguards of Chinese cuisine — Andre Chiang, Alan Yau and Jereme Leung — offer unique perspectives about putting the gastronomic treasures of China on the map.
Features 5 minutes
Unpack The Fascinating World Of Singapore’s Food Packaging History
Take a walk down memory lane as you explore food packaging from yesteryear in an exhibition dedicated to old-school food cans, bottles and bags in the National Museum of Singapore.
Features 7 minutes
Les Amis Group: Grooming Singapore's Top Culinary Talents
The Singapore restaurant group, which turns 25 this year, continues to groom and nurture culinary talents through its growing number of concepts.
Features 4 minutes
Earth Day 2019: 6 Ways Our Food Choices Can Save Whales, Orangutans And More
What we put on our plates has more impact on our planet than we may realise. See the endangered species we protect when we take these small steps to sustainability.
Features 2 minutes
5 Pranks That Chefs Have Played On Diners And Each Other
An April Fools’ Day round up of kitchen pranks and things that don’t appear as they seem.
Features 4 minutes
The Rise Of Modern Indian Cuisine
The Song of India and Thevar in Singapore and Gaa in Bangkok are writing a new chapter in the age-old cuisine.
Features 5 minutes
When Chefs Become Storytellers
Chefs and restaurateurs embrace the power of storytelling, weaving characters and narratives into their concepts to keep diners and their team engaged.
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