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Global Partner

Founded in 1735 by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in the Swiss Jura, Blancpain is known as the world’s oldest watch Brand. Loyal to its tradition of innovation and confirmed by countless horological complications invented over the years, the Manufacture is constantly pushing the boundaries of watchmaking to take this art to places where it has never been before.


Official Partner

EIRA is quite possibly the best water in the world. Multiple Norwegian Geological Survey reports on the quality and capacity of both water and source have been nothing short of spectacular. This uniqueness, and exceptional taste and color, is the perfect pairing for any experience, from a fine dinner paired with wine, to the first cool taste of refreshment in the morning.

Located by Eresfjord, one of Norway’s vast fjords, EIRA water streams from the base of a forty-meter-deep ravine. Absolutely free of vegetation since the ice sheets receded ten thousand years ago, the ravine is composed solely of layer upon layer of exceptionally hard rock. EIRA water’s journey begins some 1,500 meters above sea level and takes almost two months to reach its destination. Slowly dripping through many layers of quartz, which act as a natural filter, and never passing through soil or organic material, the water reaches its destination in a state of cold, clear wonder. EIRA is astonishingly refreshing, and perfectly pure. History and beauty join forces with time and nature to craft one of the purest waters in the world.

Eresfjord overflows with lush, beautiful greenery, towering mountains stretching for the sky, and beneath it all, cold, clear, beautiful river water creating a mirror for the sky. The wind whispers down through the hills and trees, sending ripples across the river and stirring the mind. Eresfjord is a place for inspiration. It is a place to find peace – to find yourself. To preserve its uniquely special qualities, the water is bottled unfiltered, straight from the source. EIRA’s plant is 100% hydroelectric, limiting the amount of human interaction with the source and land. Natural beauty and unbeatable flavor for your tables.

Nespresso Professional Singapore

Official Coffee Partner

For more than 30 years, Nespresso has revolutionized the way millions of people worldwide enjoy their coffee. Nespresso works directly with over 70,000 farmers through its AAA Program to produce and purchase some of the world’s best quality coffee, hermetically sealed in our signature Nespresso Coffee capsules, waiting to be released for your coffee pleasure.

With our passion for perfection, we continue to surprise and delight our customers with exceptional coffee experiences.


Official Partner

Grab is a leading superapp in Southeast Asia, operating across the deliveries, mobility and digital financial services sectors. Serving over 500 cities in eight Southeast Asian countries - Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam - Grab enables millions of people everyday to order food or groceries, send packages, hail a ride or taxi, pay for online purchases or access services such as lending and insurance, all through a single app. Grab was founded in 2012 with the mission to drive Southeast Asia forward by creating economic empowerment for everyone, and strives to serve a triple bottom line: to simultaneously deliver financial sustainability and have a positive social and environmental impact in Southeast Asia.

Citi Ultima Singapore

Official Bank Partner

Expect impeccable services delivered with finesse that only connoisseurs of the good life can appreciate. Step into a new echelon of luxury and bespoke privileges with Citi ULTIMA.


Official Beer Partner

Created with a twist over 350 years ago, Kronenbourg lager beer was born in France in 1664 by Jerome Hatt in a single barrel. The only beer brand in the world named after a date, the 1664 brewery’s ambition was to brew the very best beer they could. Now, 1664 boasts a robust portfolio of beers, including 1664 Blanc – a playfully elegant wheat beer with a delicate twist of citrus, 1664 Lager – France’s #1 Premium Lager beer, and 1664 Rosé – the classic wheat beer with a raspberry twist and sweet finish.

Angliss Singapore

Official Gourmet Partner

Angliss has transformed itself over the past 75 years: from starting as an essential commodity trading food business to becoming one of Singapore’s trusted leading gourmet purveyors. Thanks to a comprehensive suite of top-shelf quality products ranging from chilled meats, seafood, and gourmet produce, Angliss Singapore is honoured to be the go-to purveyor many culinary professionals trust when it comes to bringing their creations to fruition. These culinary professionals range from your everyday cafes and restaurants to Michelin-starred establishments and hotels.

To better serve customers, we have expanded and diversified our divisions to cater to growing market requirements, transforming ourselves into a preferred one-stop solution for any and all food supplies. Be it Korean or Japanese specialty items, Halal ingredients, premium fresh meats, fine food or pastry, we are the ideal partner for all your culinary needs.