Features 5 minutes
8 Chefs Share Their New Year’s Resolutions And Predictions

The top chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants around the world share their hopes and dreams for the new year and the food trends they think will catch on in 2019.


Features 4 minutes
The Legacy Of Legendary French Chef Joël Robuchon Lives On
Chefs around the world who had been mentored by Joël Robuchon are keeping his spirit alive in their kitchens.
Features 2 minutes
5 Food Trends To Watch Out For In 2019
We gaze into the crystal ball to get a glimpse of what foodies can expect in the new year.
Features 3 minutes
Look Back 2018: The Loss Of Top Chefs
It has been a gloomy year in the dining scene as chefs around the world mourn the untimely loss of a clutch of esteemed chefs.
Features 3 minutes
Ruby Is The New Brown In The Chocolate World
A new entrant in the chocolate scene, pink-hued chocolate joins dark, milk and white chocolate as a contender in the field of desserts.
Features 1 minute
A Christmas Carol: Chefs Go From The Kitchen To The Recording Studio
For this festive special, we get chefs to trade their aprons for mics and took them to a recording studio.
Features 4 minutes
10 Biggest Food Happenings In Singapore In 2018
We look back at some of the biggest restaurant news and most delicious trends that have happened this year.
Features 4 minutes
Six Singapore Food Brands That Have Taken Flight Overseas
From bak kut teh to burgers, chocolate to tea, made-in-Singapore food companies are flying the foodie nation’s flag high around the world.
Features 5 minutes
Making A Seismic Change
Chi Pin Han, the Singaporean behind Ishinomaki Grill & Sake, quit his job and opened the restaurant after witnessing the devastation in Ishinomaki after the 2011 tsunami.
Features 4 minutes
Herbs and Flowers Flourish Underground at Farm.One in NYC
Adjacent to two-Michelin-star Atera, Farm.One distributes lesser-known microgreens and herbs to chefs throughout the boroughs.
Features 8 minutes
Evolution Of The Chef’s Table in Hong Kong
Once a VIP perk for select diners, chef’s tables in Hong Kong have moved from the clatter of the kitchen to private rooms and approachable counters where diners can watch the chefs at work.
Features 3 minutes
Ming River Is Baijiu’s Best Chance at American Success
What exactly is this Chinese spirit and why is it making waves in America?
Features 2 minutes
Sip On This: A Brief History Of The Straw
The journey of how man’s most loyal drinking companion for the last 700 years became 2018’s biggest villain.
Features 5 minutes
How High Staff Turnover is Affecting The Restaurant Industry In The United States
Like Singapore, the dining landscape in the US is facing a labour crunch with the high demand for staff and tipping among the causes.
Features 3 minutes
Experiencing The Beauty Of Kaiseki In Kyoto
Nowhere is Japan’s elegant culinary philosophy and prowess better expressed than in colourful and complex kaiseki cuisine.
Features 4 minutes
Trading Toques For The Hawker Life
It's a hot hard life, but the rewards are great and possibilities endless for these restaurant chefs-turned-hawkers.
Features 2 minutes
Toss For Tradition: Mid-Autumn Festival Dice Game
Forget feasting on mooncakes or carrying lanterns. Try a little-known Mid-Autumn board game that can promote bonding.
Features 2 minutes
Top French Chef Anne-Sophie Pic’s Singapore Debut To Feature Femininity
Singapore spices and ingredients will be integral to La Dame de Pic, the three-Michelin-starred Maison Pic’s Asian outpost in the historic Raffles Hotel.
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