MICHELIN Guide Ceremony 6 minutes 14 March 2024

Restaurant Noi and The Huaiyang Garden are Promoted to Two MICHELIN Stars in the 16th Edition of the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau

9 restaurants are newly awarded or promoted to One or Two MICHELIN Stars. A total of 95 restaurants are recognised with MICHELIN Stars: 79 are located in Hong Kong and 16 in Macau. The MICHELIN Green Star recognises the outstanding sustainable commitment of 1 newly awarded restaurant.

Michelin is pleased to present the new restaurant selection of the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2024.

The full selection of the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2024 showcases a total of 214 eateries in Hong Kong and 48 in Macau, encompassing the Starred, Bib Gourmand, and Selected food establishments. Five restaurants, including 1 newly awarded, are also recognised with the MICHELIN Green Star.

"Hong Kong is a melting pot that embraces diverse talent, with chefs from around the world returning to their hometowns, and foreign chefs bringing their specialties and know-how to the industry. Meanwhile, Macau is experiencing a resurgence, with newcomers being recognised for their quality cooking. Despite some economic challenges, and as reflected by the promotion of two restaurants to two MICHELIN Stars, both cities’ culinary scenes are making positive progress, fostering a healthy and vibrant F&B industry," says Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide. "Our inspection team is thrilled with the diverse selection, particularly the emphasis on local cuisine in the Bib Gourmand category, which was announced last week, where we uncover hidden gems and exciting innovations. We proudly reveal the full selection for the year, featuring three special awards, including the Young Chef Award, Sommelier Award, and Service Award.”

A Total Of 7 Hong Kong Restaurants and 2 Macau Restaurants Retained Their Three MICHELIN Star

Continuing their unwavering commitment to culinary excellence, 7 restaurants in Hong Kong have been awarded for one more year with three MICHELIN Stars in the 16th edition of the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau: 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo – Bombana, Caprice, Forum, L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Sushi Shikon, Ta Vie, and T’ang Court.

In Macau, renowned as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, 2 exceptional restaurants have exemplified their steadfast dedication to culinary excellence by retaining the esteemed distinction of three MICHELIN Stars this year: Jade Dragon and Robuchon au Dôme.



1 Hong Kong Restaurant Ascends to Two MICHELIN Stars, Exhibiting Exemplary Culinary Excellence

Noi has achieved a well-deserved promotion from one MICHELIN Star to two MICHELIN Stars this year. Chefs Airaudo and Troiano deliver a season-driven omakase menu that changes every two to three months. The 10+ courses prominently feature seafood shipped daily from Japan, as in the signature dish of Hokkaido red uni on egg custard. Blue lobster is painstakingly prepared and chargrilled to perfection. The food nods to Italian traditions, updated with a modern aesthetic and the latest techniques. The dining experience is further enhanced by outstanding wine pairings, elevating the overall enjoyment to new heights.

©The Londener Macao/The Huaiyang Garden
©The Londener Macao/The Huaiyang Garden

Macau Mesmerises Diners as 1 Restaurant is Promoted to Two MICHELIN Stars

The Huaiyang Garden, is the only restaurant in the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2024 selection presenting Huaiyang cuisine. With the room setting in a Jiangnan garden theme, the restaurant welcomes diners with perforated screens and patterned windows that are commonly seen in Suzhou architecture. Helmed by the renowned culinary master Chef Zhou, the kitchen team excels in sophisticated Huaiyang fare incorporating fresh river fish shipped from the region twice a week, such as stir-fried shrimps with roe and tomalley, or Liangxi-style crispy eel. For a delightful conclusion to the meal, the Dingsheng cake with date filling is highly recommended.

In total, 18 restaurants are awarded two MICHELIN Stars in the 16th edition of the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau, with 12 in Hong Kong, and 6 in Macau.

©Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic
©Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic

5 Hong Kong Restaurants Newly Awarded or Promoted to One MICHELIN Star

In this year's selection, 3 restaurants have been newly awarded one MICHELIN Star, and 2 restaurants have been promoted to one MICHELIN Star in Hong Kong, bringing the total number of one MICHELIN Star restaurants in Hong Kong to 60.

Newly Awarded One MICHELIN Star Restaurants in Hong Kong:

Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic retains its allure, captivating guests with its opulent space, seductive sparkles, mirrored panels, and jaw-dropping city views. The celebrity chef's second venture in Asia greets diners with an oversized crystal chandelier. The six- or eight-course tasting menu, consisting of chef’s signature dishes, is deeply rooted in French traditions, with subtle Japanese twists in terms of produce and condiments — delicate and exciting at the same time.

Feuille, under the leadership of renowned French chef David Toutain, also his first venture outside France, advocates an eco-friendly ethos, using locally sourced, organic produce with minimal impact on the environment. The multicourse veggie-heavy tasting menu, just like the restaurant’s name, is inspired by nature and the life cycle of plants. Dishes take a root-to-shoot approach, finessed by French techniques. Highlights include cumin-egg-sweet corn, and the photogenic spiny lobster.


Racines, derived from the French word for "roots," is where two owner-chefs from Southern France rediscover their culinary heritage. Classic heirloom recipes are given a modern makeover and are meticulously crafted with seasonal produce from their home country and Hong Kong. From homemade sourdough with smoked butter to petits-fours in a vintage biscuit tin, every course of the 5- or 7-course menu is a tour de force, weaving a story of terroir, family, and friendship.


Newly Promoted One MICHELIN Star Restaurants in Hong Kong:

Mora is located on Cat Street, famous for its antique and junk markets. The soothing interior adopts a cream colour scheme with subtle curvy lines. Soybeans are at the core of the menu, taking the forms of bean sauce, tofu skin, soymilk, and fermented beans, whose textures complement other ingredients in each dish well. European techniques are seamlessly melded with local flavours for a varied and interesting experience. Notably, their Mapo tofu stands out as a tantalising highlight.

©The Legacy House
©The Legacy House

The Legacy House has earned its one MICHELIN Star recognition this year, all while paying homage to the hotel's founding patriarch. A variety of Shun Tak dishes — such as minced fish soup and pan-fried fish head — are served, to a backdrop of breath-taking harbour views and modern Chinese décor. It also supports the local economy by ordering ingredients and cookware from local fishermen, artisans, and farms directly.

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©Anthony/Chef Tam's Seasons
©Anthony/Chef Tam's Seasons

2 Restaurants Newly Awarded One MICHELIN Star in Macau

Chef Tam's Seasons captivates diners with its diverse and enticing à la carte menu. Chef Tam Kwok-Fung's dining concept offers two set menus — one classic, one seasonal. The latter is based on the Chinese calendar’s 24 solar terms and changes every fortnight in line with the seasons. The traditional appetiser ge zha, or deep-fried egg custard, makes it to the dessert menu, infused with walnut or coconut milk. Roast spareribs in black bean honey sauce are smoky and aromatic. The dining experience is elevated through the thoughtful pairing of dishes with Chinese wine and tea.

©Sushi Kinetsu
©Sushi Kinetsu

Formerly known as Shinji by Kanesaka, Sushi Kinetsu has undergone a remarkable transformation and has now received a one MICHELIN Star recognition with its exquisite omakase offerings. Regulars can rest easy that their sushi are made the same way as before by the same kitchen team. Fish is flown in from Japan three times a week. The rice from Yamagata is cooked in spring water from Kagoshima before being dressed in a light-tasting vinegar.

Overall, the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2024 sees a total of 68 restaurants with one MICHELIN Star, showcasing the culinary excellence of the region. 60 restaurants are located in Hong Kong, while 8 are situated in Macau.


Restaurant Feuille in Hong Kong Newly Awarded with the MICHELIN Green Star

The MICHELIN Green Star recognises restaurants within the prestigious MICHELIN Guide selection that lead the industry with their exceptional sustainability practices, offering dining experiences that seamlessly blend culinary excellence with a strong commitment to eco-friendly initiatives.

Alongside the previously awarded MICHELIN Green Star restaurants in Hong Kong (two MICHELIN Starred Amber; one MICHELIN Starred Mora and Roganic) and Macau (Bib Gourmand IFTM Educational Restaurant), 2024 introduces a new addition to the list with Feuille (one MICHELIN Star) in Hong Kong.

Feuille features a plant-based menu accompanied with seafood and meat produce. 80% of sustainably grown ingredients come from local organic farms and small suppliers, and sustainable contributions are demonstrated throughout the dining experience. Finally, nurturing the next generations with sustainable and responsible gastronomy concept in seminars shows proactivity on the topic.


Three MICHELIN Guide Special Awards

In its ongoing commitment to recognise the diverse talents and expertise within the restaurant industry, the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau extends warm congratulations to the recipients of the Sommelier Award, Young Chef, and Service Award, acknowledging their invaluable contributions in creating exceptional gastronomic experiences.

MICHELIN Guide Sommelier Award

Presented by RSRV, the 2024 MICHELIN Guide Sommelier Award recognises the exceptional skills, knowledge, and passion of talented sommeliers in the industry. This prestigious accolade is given to GOSHIMA, Shinya, the owner chef of one MICHELIN Starred restaurant Godenya. Goshima-san is not only an enthusiast of sake, but also a kikisake-shi who has thorough understanding of sake and always has his sake served in precise condition. It is not just pairing with flavour, but aroma and temperature. Serving a rarely found collection in the restaurant according to seasonality surely enhances the dining experience.

MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award

The 2024 MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award, presented by AIA Hong Kong and Macau, acknowledges the remarkable talent and promising potential of a young chef working in a selected restaurant, and who has left a lasting impression on the inspectors. This year’s award goes to CHOI, Ming Fai from newly promoted one MICHELIN Starred restaurant Mora in Hong Kong.

Locally born in 1991, Chef Fai turned himself to the kitchen out of interest after graduation. Joining Mora in 2023 after gaining experience in some of the renowned restaurants around the globe, Chef Fai managed to incorporate his techniques with local flavour to showcase the beauty of soya bean to diners.

MICHELIN Guide Service Award

The 2024 MICHELIN Guide Service Award celebrates the exceptional skills and talent of professionals who greatly contribute to enhancing the customer experience. This year, the award is bestowed upon Lydia Yung from newly promoted one MICHELIN Starred restaurant The Legacy House in Hong Kong.

Lydia, part of the opening team, is passionate about food and people who love travelling around and eager to explore the heritage of Shun Tak cuisine as it connects her to the customer and work. She is proactive and attentive to guests’ needs, friendly, and warm.

The full selection of the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2024 can also be accessed on the official MICHELIN Guide website as well as the MICHELIN Guide mobile app, available for both iOS and Android.

By joining the MICHELIN Guide selection of restaurants, the hotels become part of a distinguished collection that showcases the most captivating and exceptional places to stay, both locally and globally. Each hotel featured in the Guide is carefully selected based on its extraordinary style, service, and personality. With options available for every budget, guests can conveniently book their preferred hotel directly through the MICHELIN Guide website and app.

The MICHELIN Guide is a benchmark in gastronomy. Now, it’s setting a new standard for hotels. Visit the MICHELIN Guide website, or download the free app for iOS and Android, to discover every restaurant in the selection and book an unforgettable hotel.

MICHELIN Guide Ceremony

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