Dining In

Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Mini Kobe Cheeseburgers with Remoulade Sauce

These sliders from Wolfgang Puck are perfect for any summer gathering.


Dining In 1 minute
Technique Thursday: What Is Emulsification?
What you need to know about the technique for making the creamiest, silkiest sauces and dressings.
Dining In 1 minute
The Perfect Wine Pairings for Your Next Barbecue
Three star sommeliers share what to drink with burgers, ribs, vegetable skewers and more.
Dining In 2 minutes
How to Perfectly Cook a Suckling Pig at Home
Lord Stanley’s Rupert Blease gives us all the info.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Shrimp Toast
Bring a piece of Momofuku Ssäm Bar into your home kitchen with this recipe.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Chilled Pea Soup
Chef Harold Moore shares his recipe that uses a mix of English, sugar snap and snow peas.
Dining In 2 minutes
Recipe: Strawberry Rhubarb Tart
This dessert served at Bistro Pierre Lapin in New York City makes the most of the season's offerings.
Dining In 1 minute
Meat Grilling Tips from Wolfgang Puck
The celebrity chef shares his five rules for great results.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Pad Sator Goong
Learn how to make this southern Thailand staple at home.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Warm Jaffa Hummus
Chef Erez Komarovsky shares the recipe for this dish from modern-Israeli restaurant Mint Kitchen.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Carpaccio Piemontese
Make this Italian antipasti from the Carbone menu at home.
Dining In 2 minutes
Recipe: Lamb Barbacoa Tacos
Up your taco game at home with this recipe from Oxomoco’s Justin Bazdarich.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Lavender Cocktail
Nico de Soto, co-owner of the recently relocated cocktail bar Mace, shares how to make this drink at home.
Dining In 6 minutes
How to Make Pasta by Hand with Simonetta Capotondo
The professional 'sfoglina' gives a detailed guide to the art of fresh handmade pasta.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: White Asparagus with Maine Uni & Sunflower
Take a tip from Brooklyn chef Nico Russell when using the spring stalk.
Dining In 1 minute
How to Pair Wine with Classic French Cuisine
What to drink with boeuf Bourguignon, vichyssoise and poulet rôti.
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