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Rémy Martin's Latest Cocktails Will Have You Looking Like a Master Mixologist

Delicious flavors, lo-fi ingredients, and lots of fun.

If there's one thing chefs enjoy, it's eating and drinking. At the CIA Chef Summit presented by Rémy Martin, everyone from Fredrik Berselius of Aska to Thomas Keller of The French Laundry and Per Se imbibed and enjoyed craft cocktails with distinctive flavors. Mimicking the innovation and creativity seen on the plates throughout the Summit, the drinks tantalized tastebuds while olfactory senses were on overdrive due to the array of aromas from Rémy Martin's Tercet and XO.

As a cognac fine champagne, the Tercet marries fresh notes with the fruity—think pineapple, preserved ginger, and cinnamon to name a few. Similarly, XO has the fruitiness in spades (tasting notes include plum, candied orange, mature fig) with hints of earthiness derived from fresh hazelnuts, roasted cocoa beans, and saffron. With these two spirits, Rémy Martin has raised the bar—literally—on cocktail hour. Below, we share the cocktail recipes that will have your friends in awe at your skills, but also clamoring for another round. Cheers!


Tercet Tropical
Rémy Martin Tercet, lime juice, pineapple juice and syrup of apricot vanilla jam

1.5oz Rémy Martin Tercet
½ oz syrup of *apricot vanilla syrup
¼ oz verjus or lime juice
2 oz of pineapple juice
Garnish: Pineapple dehydrated

Pour all ingredients in shaker with ice—shake hard, then double strain and pour in a glass with one ice cube.

*Apricot vanilla syrup recipe:
Extract the seeds from vanilla sticks: with the back of a knife, flatten the pod then split it lengthwise to release its fragrance. Use the tip of the knife to scrape the pod and recover the vanilla beans. Prepare the syrup with 30% water and 70% jam, then mix.


Rémy XO Constellation
Rémy Martin XO, brown sugar cube, sparkling water, and orange bitters

2 oz XO Rémy Martin
1 cube of brown sugar
½ oz Sparkling water
3 Dashes Orange Bitter
Garnish: Dry Rhubarb leaf and a small wedge of fresh orange

Put one brown sugar cube in the glass, pour 3 dashes of Orange bitter over sugar, then pour sparkling water and crush the sugar with a muddler. Next, pour Rémy Martin XO and add a lot of ice; turn for a minute with a barspoon, and lay the garnish on top.

Hero: Adahlia Cole

All imagery by Adahlia Cole

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