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Bomb Cyclone Dinner: Feed a Few with a Recipe for Fondue

An easy and incredibly satisfying one-pot meal to ward off the (extreme) winter chill

They’re both warm and cheesy, so what’s the difference between fondue and raclette? Raclette is a block of cheese—Raclette du Valais, Gruyere, or Appenzeller—grilled until the mouth-wateringly melty part scrapes off. Fondue is a pot of firm Alpine cheeses, like Emmental or Gruyere, cooked with white wine to a dippable consistency. One bite of either and you’re instantly transported to the Alps. Here's how to get there. Bon appétit!

1 garlic clove, peeled and cut in half
2 lbs Gruyere, Emmental, and/or Comté cheeses, cubed (see note)
Pinch of nutmeg
750ml bottle of white wine (Swiss or Savoie is preferred, but if not available, try a dry sauvignon blanc)
1 shot of kirsch
1 tbsp of cornstarch
1 baguette cut into bite-sized pieces (feel free to use broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes, new potatoes, etc.)

1. Rub garlic around the bottom and sides of a fondue pot, then slice further and reserve to mix with the cheese
2. Add the cheese cubes into the pot
3. Add the reserved garlic and a pinch of nutmeg; pour the wine over the cheese
4. Heat the cheese gradually over a medium flame, stirring gently until cheese is fully melted
5. Mix kirsch and cornstarch in a small bowl
6. Add the kirsch and cornstarch slurry to the melted cheese and stir over low heat until incorporated
7. Once a smooth consistency is reached, remove from stovetop and place on fondue stand with heat source
8. Enjoy your fondue with the baguette and anything else you want to dip.

Note: You're aiming for roughly 1/2 lb of cheese per person. A blend of two cheeses from Gruyere, Emmental, and Comté is one suggestion, but any mix of your favorite Alpine-style cheeses that melt well will do.

Hero Image: © margouillatphotos/iStock

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