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10 Ideas from MICHELIN Guide Restaurants to Celebrate the Season

Eat, drink, and be merry with a festive meal or culinary-inspired couture.

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Meet 7 Malaysians Who Lead MICHELIN-Starred Restaurants Around the World

Today we celebrate the success stories of Malaysians working abroad and flying the Jalur Gemilang flag high from London to Singapore.

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From Drive to Table: Championing the MICHELIN Guide’s Heritage with Turo on the Road

This November and December, Turo guests are enjoying road trips to four restaurants named in the 2022 Michelin Guide California and New York City.

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Osteria Mozza's Nancy Silverton Shares Her Secrets for the Perfect Caesar Salad

Nancy Silverton of MICHELIN-Starred Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles spills the secrets of her famed Caesar salad.

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What Is The MICHELIN Bib Gourmand Award?

Discover more about our award for good quality, good value cooking

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The Inspector's Word: Confessions of a Connoisseur

Out and about every day in search of the world's best restaurants, they are the hidden face of the MICHELIN Guide. One of the Inspectors gives us the lowdown on this unique job...

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Everything You Want to Know About the MICHELIN Guide Inspectors

The MICHELIN Guide Inspectors have been the mainstay of the publication since 1933 and are part of its very DNA: without them, there would be no restaurant selection. Here we uncover the mysteries of this profession that arouses fascination and intrigue…

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MICHELIN Guide Budapest: a guide to Hungarian cuisine, and where to find the best of it

When thinking of Hungarian cuisine, the names of paprika, stuffed peppers and goulash instantly bring water to one’s mouth—but there’s much more to discover about the rich and sometimes unusual traditions of this beautiful Central European country.

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5 American Aperitifs To Try

Toast to spring and summer with these bright aperitifs, whether you're sipping at home or at a MICHELIN Guide restaurant.

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An Accidental Stroke of Genius

How famous foods that you love were invented by accident.

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Use Your Noodle: A Primer on Thai Noodles

How well do you know your noodles?

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Michelin Guide Green Stars: spotlight on Lanterna Verde, Villa di Chiavenna

The Michelin Guide’s green stars and the guide’s partnership with illycaffè provide food-loving travellers with information on sustainability by highlighting and recounting the stories of restaurants with a strong eco footprint such as the Lanterna Verde in Villa di Chiavenna.

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Will Kombu Save the World?

Kombu is known as a healthy food that is essential for Japanese cuisine, but did you know that it also supports the natural environment in the ocean? We took a close look at the mystery of how kombu protects the planet.

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The Green Stars of the MICHELIN Guide: a focus on Dattilo and SanBrite, in Italy

Introduced in January 2020, the Michelin Guide’s green stars have become an authoritative symbol of sustainability. We take a closer look at two Italian restaurants recognized for their efforts.

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Starward Whiskey Sumac Lemonade and Grilled Bronzini at Maydan in Washington, DC

The MICHELIN Guide and Starward Whisky present the story of Maydān, a Middle Eastern culinary town square in Washington, DC.

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Lunar New Year: Food Traditions Around Asia

As the Lunar New Year approaches, we ask MICHELIN restaurants around Asia about festive dishes traditionally enjoyed in their destinations and cultures at this time of the year.

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Drinking Starward Whisky With Jean-Georges Vongerichten

The MICHELIN Guide and Starward Whisky present the story of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his namesake restaurant, Two Star Jean-Georges in New York City.

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Christmas Recipe – James Knappett’s Brussels Sprout Coleslaw

Brussels Sprouts may not be everyone’s favourite Christmas accompaniment… but maybe this recipe could change a few minds!