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Michelin Inspector Field Notes: April 2019

Highlights of the latest thoughts from our Michelin inspectors.


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Ingredient Spotlight: Peas
All you need to know about the different varieties and how to use them.
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Getting Away from it All
At Inis Meáin Restaurant & Suites, on the remote Aran Island of Inishmaan
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Ingredient Spotlight: Morel Mushrooms
Learn about the rare and highly coveted fungi.
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The Changing Face Of Chinese Cuisine
Three vanguards of Chinese cuisine — Andre Chiang, Alan Yau and Jereme Leung — offer unique perspectives about putting the gastronomic treasures of China on the map.
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Unpack The Fascinating World Of Singapore’s Food Packaging History
Take a walk down memory lane as you explore food packaging from yesteryear in an exhibition dedicated to old-school food cans, bottles and bags in the National Museum of Singapore.
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Les Amis Group: Grooming Singapore's Top Culinary Talents
The Singapore restaurant group, which turns 25 this year, continues to groom and nurture culinary talents through its growing number of concepts.
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Earth Day 2019: 6 Ways Our Food Choices Can Save Whales, Orangutans And More
What we put on our plates has more impact on our planet than we may realise. See the endangered species we protect when we take these small steps to sustainability.
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How Well Do You Know Your Mangoes?
Mango mania is in full swing in Thailand but which kind is the best? Here we look at the most popular variety on offer.
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Making Easter Fun for Everyone!
Easter Egg Hunts for the Kids, Good Food for you.
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Kwame Onwuachi's Memoir Puts His Life on Display
'Notes From a Young Black Chef' chronicles the young chef's story from growing up in the Bronx and Nigeria to opening and closing his first restaurant.
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Everything You Need to Know About Khao Chae, Thailand’s Summertime Go-to Dish to Beat the Heat
Ever wondered how Thais put up with the heat before the air conditioner arrived? They dealt with it one bite at a time.
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The Embodiment of a Cultural Heritage
Using Mekhong rum with local ingredients, Thai mixologists ingeniously capture the cultural heritage and traditions of Thailand through these innovative artisanal cocktails.
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Spotlight on Edinburgh
What’s hot on the capital’s food scene?
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Michelin Inspector Field Notes: March 2019
Hear directly from the source the latest thoughts from our Michelin inspectors.
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The Michelin Main Cities of Europe Guide 2019: Stars Announced
1 new Three-Star, 7 new Two-Star and 44 new One-Star Restaurants
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The Hidden Flavours of Benja Chicken
The key to creating the perfect dish lies in the distinct flavours achieved from using high quality and unique ingredients, and the people behind Benja Chicken all agree.
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