Dining In

Dining In 2 minutes
Recipe: Cabeza Tostada

Chef T.J. Steele’s pig’s head tostada is served with pickled peppers, lime mayonnaise, chicharrónes and salsa verde.


Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Carte Blanche
Brought to you buy the Fairmont Hotels' troop of top bartenders, this cocktail is a riff on the classic Vesper.
Dining In 4 minutes
How to Make Paella at Home
Jaleo's Daniel Lugo shares his insight into how to make this classic Spanish dish.
Dining In 4 minutes
Recipe: Lamb Carpaccio with Caesar Salad Ice Cream
This recipe has been a universal crowd-pleaser at The Inn at Little Washington.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Butterfly Daiquiri
Try this riff on the classic cocktail by Undercote’s lead bartender Sondre Kasin.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Braised Field Greens with White Soy Pot Likker
Chef Adam Howard makes a vegetarian version of this Southern classic.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Gem Lettuce Salad with Pickled Green Strawberries and Dulse
Chef Adam Howard shares how to make this Blue Duck Tavern dish at home.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Cheddar Brat Corn Dogs
There’s no time like the present for this deep-fried bratwurst on a stick from The Dutch.
Dining In 3 minutes
Recipe: Grilled Santa Barbara Spot Prawns
Fire up the charcoal for this recipe from chef Michael Cimarusti of Providence.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Negroni Darmagi
Boulud Sud mixologist Samy Berdai shares his take on this iconic cocktail.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Mini Kobe Cheeseburgers with Remoulade Sauce
These sliders from Wolfgang Puck are perfect for any summer gathering.
Dining In 1 minute
Technique Thursday: What Is Emulsification?
What you need to know about the technique for making the creamiest, silkiest sauces and dressings.
Dining In 2 minutes
Ask The Expert: Swedish Cooking Techniques
Tristin Farmer, executive chef of Restaurant Zén, the Singapore outpost of three-Michelin-starred Frantzén in Sweden, highlights the Swedish influences in his cuisine.
Dining In 1 minute
The Perfect Wine Pairings for Your Next Barbecue
Three star sommeliers share what to drink with burgers, ribs, vegetable skewers and more.
Dining In 2 minutes
How to Perfectly Cook a Suckling Pig at Home
Lord Stanley’s Rupert Blease gives us all the info.
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