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16 Chefs to Celebrate On International Women’s Day

Long hours, high pressure and facing the heat on a hot stove are common, but these dynamite chefs show they have what it takes to power through and get to the top.

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Will Kombu Save the World?

Kombu is known as a healthy food that is essential for Japanese cuisine, but did you know that it also supports the natural environment in the ocean? We took a close look at the mystery of how kombu protects the planet.

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The Green Stars of the MICHELIN Guide: a focus on Dattilo and SanBrite, in Italy

Introduced in January 2020, the Michelin Guide’s green stars have become an authoritative symbol of sustainability. We take a closer look at two Italian restaurants recognized for their efforts.

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Starward Whiskey Sumac Lemonade and Grilled Bronzini at Maydan in Washington, DC

The MICHELIN Guide and Starward Whisky present the story of Maydān, a Middle Eastern culinary town square in Washington, DC.

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Lunar New Year: Food Traditions Around Asia

As the Lunar New Year approaches, we ask MICHELIN restaurants around Asia about festive dishes traditionally enjoyed in their destinations and cultures at this time of the year.

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Drinking Starward Whisky With Jean-Georges Vongerichten

The MICHELIN Guide and Starward Whisky present the story of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his namesake restaurant, Two Star Jean-Georges in New York City.

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Christmas Recipe – James Knappett’s Brussels Sprout Coleslaw

Brussels Sprouts may not be everyone’s favourite Christmas accompaniment… but maybe this recipe could change a few minds!

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Recipe: Honey Zeppole From One Star Don Angie in New York

Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli share Angie's grandmother's honey zeppole recipe, a sweet finale to Christmas dinner.

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2021 MICHELIN Holiday Gift Guide

Cookbooks, ceramics, a candle, and a sturdy bag to carry it all.

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How To Differentiate Oyster Varieties

Here's how to tell oysters from the US, France and Australia apart.

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A Porcini Mushroom Thanksgiving Dish From Three Star Quince

Quince chef/co-owner Michael Tusk on teenage turkey-carving and porcini mushrooms

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Pairing Starward Whisky Cocktails With Chicken and Duck at Two Star Mélisse

This is part 3 of the MICHELIN x STARWARD G*Astronomy Series. Today we're at Mélisse in Santa Monica, California. Mélisse first earned its stars in ...

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Starward Whisky Cocktails at True Laurel in San Francisco

Chef/owner David Barzelay and partner/beverage director Nicolas Torres pair Starward cocktails with strawberry beef tartare and king salmon belly tostadas.

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Know Your Winter Fruit: Pumpkins and Squash

Halloween is coming soon, a good reason to learn about your favorite winter fruits!

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Starward Whisky Cocktails and Cooking at One-Star Porto in Chicago

Chef Marcos Campos and bar director Jesse Filkins pair Starward cocktails with Iberian seafood

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Kitchen Language: What Is Omakase?

The complete fate of your meal is in the hands of the chef.

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Five Ingredients To Try This Year

Our MICHELIN inspectors have rounded up five exciting ingredients to try, in your kitchen or out to eat.

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Tools of the Trade: How to Choose the Perfect Cutting Board

Here's what to look for when purchasing this essential kitchen item.