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What To Order At One-MICHELIN-starred Fook Lam Moon

Even though is is widely recognised as the "canteen of tycoons", Fook Lam Moon is not just for the well-heeled. The legendary restaurant where many of today's iconic Cantonese dishes were first created opens its doors to everyone. These are the dishes you should definitely not miss — even if you don't have a millionaire's budget.

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Behind The Bib: Hop Sze

This tiny restaurant counted on its small size to stay nimble and make a name for itself.

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Enjoy A Taste of France In These 5 MICHELIN Restaurants In Hong Kong and Macau

With their exceptional French gourmet, inviting decor and attentive service, these restaurants give you a complete French gastronomic experience - without having to leave town.

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Chef Tsang Chiu King's Hong Kong Homecoming

After seven years overseas, veteran Cantonese chef Tsang Chiu King returns to his native Hong Kong to lead Ming Court Wanchai, as he believes the city is the best place to preserve the Cantonese culinary heritage.

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15 MICHELIN Restaurants In Hong Kong Worth A Drive To

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Hong Kong? These eateries offer a delicious escape.

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MICHELIN Guide and Chope Launch “Back In Business” Campaign To Support Local Restaurants

Stand a chance to receive a copy of MICHELIN Guide and other amazing prizes simply by booking a meal at designated MICHELIN Guide-recommended restaurants via Chope during the month-long campaign from June 6 to July 5.

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Behind The Bib: Cornerstone

After his success with one-MICHELIN-star Arcane, Australian restaurateur Shane Osborn tells us why he set up sister restaurant Cornerstone to subtly impress with simple, everyday food.

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Celebrate Mother's Day In These Michelin Restaurants In Hong Kong

This Mother's Day, show your appreciation for Mum — as well as the restaurants that have continued to keep us fed in these trying times — with these exclusive menus this weekend.

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5 Must-Try Classic Regional Dishes And Where To Order Them

These five classic Chinese dishes, offered by these MICHELIN Guide-listed restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau, feature both the distinctive and the unifying characteristics of regional cuisines across China.

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5 Must-Try Classic Cantonese Dishes and Where To Order Them

These five cornerstone dishes of Cantonese cuisine have been elevated to an art form in the hands of master chefs at these MICHELIN Guide-featured restaurants in Hong Kong.

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5 Iconic MICHELIN Star Cantonese Restaurants in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong's ever-evolving culinary landscape, these five iconic MICHELIN-starred restaurants have withstood the passage of time to exert an enduring influence over the city's Cantonese dining scene.

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5 MICHELIN-listed Restaurants In Hong Kong For Global Cuisines

Travel around the world without the hassle of leaving Hong Kong in these popular restaurants that offer global flavours.

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Sushi Saito Opens Offshoot At Hong Kong Airport And Other New Openings

Classic Edomae sushi at the airport, a new Cantonese restaurant in Wan Chai, a MICHELIN-star transport from Spain, and two offshoots of MICHELIN-rated Japanese and Sichuan noodle eateries — we round up some new addresses to bookmark.

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5 MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau Restaurants For Dim Sum

Goldfish-shaped scallop dumplings. Traditional har gow stuffed with minced bamboo like they just don't make anymore. Whether you like your dim sum classic or contemporary with a creative twist, these 5 MICHELIN-recommended restaurants are a must-visit for every dim sum lover.

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Behind the Bib: Sister Wah

Determined to carry on their mother’s legacy, Wong Shu Wah and Wong Kwok Wah, the second-generation owners of Sister Wah, still serve their famous beef brisket in clear broth exactly the way their mother would.

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5 MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau Restaurants With Notable Wine Lists

No dining experience or special occasion is complete without a curated wine list put together by talented sommeliers to match a restaurant's culinary prowess.

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5 MICHELIN-recommended Restaurants For Soup

No matter what the season, a steaming hot bowl of soup will warm the heart. Here are five MICHELIN-recommended restaurants to get your fill.

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Behind The Bib: Sheung Hei Claypot Rice

Living above a popular claypot eatery in Hong Kong's Sai Wan district prompted Sheung Hei chef-owner Lam Weng Hong to start his own. The result: a decade-old eatery that has grown from local hangout to global hotspot.