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Coming back to Istanbul to find yourself: a day with Fatih Tutak - Restaurant TURK Fatih Tutak

Spend a day with Fatih Tutak, chef of the very first 2 Star restaurant in the MICHELIN Guide Istanbul. Hidden among the skyscrapers, this place offers a mesmerizing journey to the new Anatolian cuisine spiced up with Chef Fatih's fantasies.

Istanbul 2 MICHELIN Stars A Chef's World

The MICHELIN Guide released its first selection in Istanbul in October 2022. We are very proud to present this video about the remarkable Chef Fatih Tutak.

We invite you to discover Istanbul with Chef Fatih. Start the morning with a coffee in his house enjoying exceptional Bosphorus views, seagulls screams and ferry horns. Then, let yourself get lost in the streets of Akaretler district before taking a ferry ride to Kadıköy. You'll discover the Anatolian side and wander between the market stalls with the best seasonal olives, fish, baklava and other local produce. Finish your day at TURK Fatih Tutak restaurant and try the Chefs' new creations while observing the team at work in the open kitchen.

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