Dining Out 14 December 2023

The MICHELIN Guide Slovenia: David Žefran, chef at Milka

Situated near the Austrian and Italian borders, Milka boasts a superb location overlooking a crystal-clear lake surrounded by mountains. The restaurant offers a fine gastronomic synthesis of its region and neighbours, all skillfully interpreted and prepared by chef David Žefran, who makes full use of local ingredients.

The cuisine served at Milka is revolutionary: David Žefran has had a major influence here, creating tempting dishes in a delightful “boutique experience hotel” which occupies a restored building transformed into a charming and welcoming space where everything has been carefully designed down to the tiniest detail.

Guests eat well (very well!) at Milka, where seasonal produce is of the utmost importance and where much of the focus is on vegetables and freshwater fish. In spring, lamb makes an appearance on a vibrant menu which carefully demonstrates its support for local producers. One of the restaurant’s key philosophies states that “engaging responsibly with society and the environment is much more than simply choosing our suppliers carefully – this philosophy underpins every aspect of our gastronomic experience”.

This is why the restaurant chose to work with Slovenian artisans to create ceramics made from the minerals found around Lake Jasna as well as the restaurant’s wooden dishes and utensils, while the chef has designed the dining room himself, right down to the smallest decorative detail.

Well done, David!

Dining Out

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