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Beyoğlu Culture Route: the soul of İstanbul

The Beyoğlu Culture Route is a wonderful tribute to İstanbul’s identity through architecture, art, and culture.

Istanbul One MICHELIN Star Travel

An unmissable experience awaits starting from the newly developed Galataport, taking you through the depths of the narrow streets of Karaköy and beyond, through the charm and simplicity and sophistication of İstiklal Caddesi and gradually winding up to the innovative and newly transformed Taksim Square.

Take a walk in this diverse and authentic neighbourhood and feel the vibe of Beyoğlu through discovering 3 restaurants from the MICHELIN Guide selection İstanbul 2022. Let the Mikla's view, Mürver's fire and Nicole's finesse be your guides on the Route and shape your unique perception of this City.

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Discover the restaurant selection of Istanbul:
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