Christmas Guide: How To Throw The Perfect Champagne Brunch At Home

Start Christmas morning on a high note with these tips.
Christmas morning is always something wonderful. You get to sleep in, the air always feels pleasantly cool, and there are brightly packaged presents waiting under the Christmas tree.

Then, there’s brunch. According to data reports from Google Trends, there has been a steady rise in the search for 'brunch' in the US since 2004, with a spike in search numbers since 2011. The brunch trend has picked up in Asia — and a festive occasion is all the more reason to throw a champagne brunch with all the luxe fixings: think music, a little dollop of caviar, or even a magnum bottle.

Start your Christmas morning on a high note with our guide on how to pair different brunch options with a flute of bubbly.
Balancing act

For some, the perfect brunch is cooking up stacks pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, smoked salmon and crème fraiche, avocado and eggs on toast. Pair these creamy rich foods with a light champagne, such as the Ruinart Blanc de Blanc, which goes well with the smoked fish. The creamy avocado and eggs on toast also go well with the notes of white flowers and white peaches in this champagne.
Keep it local

If a bowl of bak chor mee with extra lard and chilli is more your kind of brunch food, look for more medium-bodied champagnes with slightly fruity notes. The fresh berries and pink grapefruit notes of the Ruinart Rose, for instance, go well with spicy and meat dishes. Also good with bite-sized hawker favourites such as popiah and chwee kueh, with extra chilli of course.
A glass of medium-bodied rose champagne goes well with spicy Asian fare, like chwee kueh — a popular breakfast food.
A glass of medium-bodied rose champagne goes well with spicy Asian fare, like chwee kueh — a popular breakfast food.
Classic European

It’s so easy to imagine kicking back in a café along the cobbled pavements of Paris, nibbling on a flaky pastry and sipping a cup of coffee. But it’s just as easy to recreate this, and up the ante with a glass of bubbly. A champagne like R de Ruinart, with a nutty flavour profile, goes well with croissants and granola bowls — perfect if you want to keep your mornings simple.  

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