Features 4 minutes
Pyeonsu, Korea’s Near-Extinct Summer Dumpling

A rare summer delicacy, the Pyeonsu has been overshadowed by other more popular forms of the dumpling.


Features 2 minutes
Gimjang: Ain’t No Party Like a Winter Kimchi Party
It is that time of year again. With the onset of winter, Koreans collectively roll up their sleeves to engage in a timeless ritual called gimjang. Gimjang...
Features 4 minutes
Seoul Bib Gourmand Korean Food Glossary
Get yourself acquainted with the names of the following Korean dishes, which all happen to have a place in the 2018 Seoul Bib Gourmand selection! Bulgogi...
Features 3 minutes
Six Hangover Cures Koreans Swear By
There is just no way to sugarcoat it. Hangovers are unpleasant, period, and the quicker one can shake it off, the better. Plenty of fluids and nourishment...
Features 3 minutes
A Guide to Korean Beef Cuts
Have you noticed how butchers in different cultures often carry cuts of meat that look different from what you are used to seeing back home? I’m not talking...
Features 1 minute
Know the Difference: Gelato vs. Ice Cream
Down the cobbled streets of narrow alleys, the scent of freshly-baked pizza wafts through the air. Around the corner, small shops tempt passersby with ...
Features 1 minute
All about Bib Gourmand
The Bib Gourmand—named after Bibendum the Michelin Man, the friendly official mascot for the Michelin Group—is a non-starred rating category which recognizes...
Features 2 minutes
Not All Soy Sauce Is Created Equal
Jang – The Foundation of Korean Cooking “The taste of a dish comes down to the jang.” “To truly know a family, one must first taste their jang.” There ...
Features 3 minutes
11 Best Makgeolli & Food Pairing Experiences in Seoul
Michelin Guide Seoul brings you the following list of 11 of the best makgeolli and food pairings you can experience in Seoul as recommended by Makgeolli...
Features 9 minutes
Natural Wines Find Fans in Korea
Korea is a relatively young market when it comes to wine. Although alcohol is omnipresent in the day-to-day life of many Koreans, wine drinkers still comprise...
Features 2 minutes
Guk, Tang, Jjigae, Jeongol: Know Your Korean Soup
From the complex Marseillais fish stew that is the bouillabaisse to the hearty crimson-hued borscht eaten across Eastern Europe. From cream of tomato–the...
Features 3 minutes
T’is the Season! What’s Cooking around the World?
A quick look at some of the time-honored traditions of Christmas around the globe where Christmas is celebrated! Great Britain No traditional Christmas...
Features 3 minutes
Gomtang Vs. Seolleongtang: A Matter of Technicality
Koreans adore soup. They eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner – they simply cannot live without it. How many other cultures do you know where serving...
Features 2 minutes
Winter Gwamegi: “Fishy” Has Never Been Tastier
Gwamegi, a winter delicacy you either love or you hate. I’m a fan. Gwamegi is semi-dried Pacific herring or Pacific saury produced predominantly in the...
Features 3 minutes
The Humble Anchovy Triumphs as Korea’s Springtime Delicacy
Artwork by @president_of_fish The technicolor frenzy of spring blossoms has come and gone and a more subtle season–that short and sweet middle season between...
Features 4 minutes
7 Iconic Korean Spring Greens & 4 Basic Namul Sauces
It is the season of bom-namul (bom: spring / namul: wild edible plants), those delightfully bitter and sublimely herbaceous spring greens that grace Korean...
Features 3 minutes
8 Fascinating Facts about the Michelin Man
Most people may know him better as the ‘Michelin Man,’ but did you know his name is actually Bibendum (or Bib for short)? The tubby white mascot has been...
Features 1 minute
Common Misconceptions about the Michelin Guide
Common misconceptions about the Michelin Guide 1. A restaurant’s service and décor count towards a star The aim of the Michelin Guide is simple – to introduce...
Features 1 minute
The History of the Michelin Guide
The History of the Michelin Guide Considered by many to be the hallmark of global fine dining and quality cuisine, the Michelin Guide wields immense power...
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