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Dining Out 3 minutes
8 Michelin-Recommended Naengmyeon Restaurants in Seoul

The oppressive heat and humidity have let down somewhat, but the queues outside the city’s popular naengmyeon establishments have yet to show signs of ...


Dining Out 5 minutes
[Bib Gourmand Seoul] Italy Jae – A Taste of Venice in Old Seoul
When in Venice, cicchetti. Lying over a hundred islands in an impossibly picturesque lagoon in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, Venice is, undoubtedly...
Dining Out 3 minutes
Tradition and Authenticity with 2016 Sensibilities: Kim Sung Il of La Yeon
Kim Sung Il didn’t start his career the way many chefs these days do; becoming a chef had never been his career aspiration. Rather, his path to chefdom...
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7 Michelin-Recommended Contemporary Korean Restaurants In Seoul
There is so much more to hansik than bibimbap and barbecue, and a new generation of dynamic Korean chefs are flying the flag for contemporary Korean gastronomy...
Dining Out 5 minutes
Balwoo Gongyang: Vegan Food Rooted in Korean Buddhism
Koreans have a reputation for their love of grilling – beef, pork, chicken, offal, seafood, you name it. In fact, together with kimchi, K-barbecue is one...
Dining Out 2 minutes
Four Hands Event in Seoul Showcases the Best of Korean & Peranakan Cuisines
Four hands events are a growing trend in the culinary world. The outcome of the collaborations–where chefs share a stove–ends up being more than the sum...
Dining Out 5 minutes
Seochon Chef Kim to Open Second Location in April
From exit 3 of Gyeongbokgung subway station, stroll further north where the streets become noticeably quieter. You have entered Seochon, an unassuming ...
Dining Out 2 minutes
Braised pig’s trotters are delicious (and where to eat them in Seoul
It won’t ever win a prize for ‘the best-looking’ or ‘the most appetizing name’ food categories, but it has won the hearts of a nation for over half a century...
Dining Out 5 minutes
7 Iconic Dishes of Gangwondo Province to Try at the Winter Olympics
There is a saying in Korean that goes, “Even Geumgangsan Mountain is better appreciated with a full stomach.” The majestic mountain mentioned in this age-old...
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