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Dining In 2 minutes
Lunar New Year Recipe Part 1: ‘Joseon Japchae’ by Hamo

Seol (Lunar New Year) is almost upon us and Koreans are getting ready to officially usher in the Year of the Rooster. This year, Seol falls on January ...


Dining In 2 minutes
[Seasonal Recipe] Dongji Patjuk: A Time-Honored Winter Solstice Tradition
Dongji Patjuk is a seasonal dish eaten on Dongji (동지, 冬至, Winter Solstice), also referred to as Little Lunar New Year. As the day with the shortest daylight...
Dining In 2 minutes
[Seasonal Ingredients] Maesil, a Pantry Staple
Maehwa—Korean for plum blossoms—has always been one of Korea’s most beloved spring flowers. For centuries, maehwa was regarded as a steadfast symbol of...
Dining In 4 minutes
A Recipe for Porchetta, an Insanely Fragrant Roast Pork from Italy
Ariccia, Italy. Population 20,000. A ‘Roman Castles (Castelli Romani)’ commune located 24km southeast of Rome in the central region of Lazio. Home of fraschette...
Dining In 1 minute
Lunar New Year Recipe Part 2: Braised Oxtail on a Bed of Chives
Imagine chunks of beef short ribs slowly simmering away in garlicky soy sauce the color of dark caramel, the saltiness from the soy sauce balanced out ...
Dining In 2 minutes
Jeong Kwan’s Recipe for the Most Delicate Seaweed of Them All
Seaweed has been an integral part of the Korean diet for centuries. Miyeok (sea mustard/wakame)–dried, re-hydrated and cooked in soups until silky smooth...
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