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5 Caviar Trends That Challenge Convention

From caviar-infused alcohol to snail eggs, here are five culinary developments that will challenge any stereotypes you had of this precious ingredient.

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5 Restaurants in Hong Kong For Large Groups

Planning ahead for the year-end Christmas and New Year's celebrations? We've selected 5 spacious Hong Kong restaurants that are ideal for dinner parties and large group gatherings.

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5 Hong Kong Steakhouses Fit for Meat Lovers

From sweeping views of Victoria Harbour to Gordon Ramsay's signature Beef Wellington, these steakhouses offer something for every appetite.

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Tracing The Origin: Deep-fried Custard

Deep-fried custard, locally known as gwo zaa, is a traditional Cantonese snack on the verge of extinction. Thankfully, this vintage delicacy finds its saviours through the protégés of the home cook of Jiang Taishi, and Jiang’s granddaughter Pearl Kong Chen.

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5 Restaurants With The Best Alfresco Seating In Hong Kong

As the sun mellows out in autumn, the best way to enjoy a meal is to sit under the sky and take in the open-air ambience along with good food.

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Tracing The Origin: Hong Kong’s Dan Dan Noodles

Historically sold on the streets of Sichuan, dan dan noodles have undergone a delicious metamorphosis and found a new home in Hong Kong.

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Beginner's Guide to Indian Breads: 9 Types to Start With

From naan to paratha, parotta to puri, India has over 30 types of bread.

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Feast With The Stars At The Stellar Dining Series By The Ritz-Carlton

Seven celebrated chefs from MICHELIN-starred restaurants in the luxury hotel brand will helm gourmet events across three Asian cities in the second edition of this epicurean event.

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5 MICHELIN-Recommended Places For Satay In Singapore

From authentic Indonesian satay to Chinese-style skewers, here are five places for a fix of these grilled sticks.

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5 Restaurants In Hong Kong For Thoughtful Vegetarian Fare

Vegetable-forward cuisine is catching on in Hong Kong and vegetarian options are no longer an afterthought.

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Tutorial: French Fine Dining Rituals Decoded

Canapés, amuse-bouche, mignardises, petit four — all a fanciful part of the French fine dining experience. What are they, and how do you pronounce them?

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Five MICHELIN-Listed Kid-Friendly Restaurants In Hong Kong And Macau

Bond with your kids over good food at these five dining destinations.

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5 Restaurants In Hong Kong For Instagram-worthy Desserts

The camera eats first at these sweet establishments where the desserts are as photogenic as they are delicious.

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Tracing the Origin: Two-Faced Pan-Fried Noodles

Find out if two-faced pan-fried noodles, or liang mian huang, originated from Chaozhou or Shanghai and if it is equivalent to Cantonese fried noodles with sliced pork.

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Souped Up: 6 Savoury Beverage Alternatives

Cutting out sugar and caffeine? Here are some tasty, savoury beverages from around the world to shake up your drinking options.

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Tracing the Origin: Hong Kong’s Famous Char Siu Egg Rice

This roasted pork rice bowl was made famous by Stephen Chow’s 1996 movie and went from reel life to real life to become part of Hong Kong’s food lexicon.

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Kitchen Designers to the Stars

Working behind the scenes, kitchen designers set the stage for great chefs in the United States to shine.

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Sushi Shikon To Move To The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s only three-Michelin-starred sushi restaurant will relocate in early May and become neighbours with the newly reopening Amber.