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6 MICHELIN Restaurants For Vegetarian-Friendly Menus

Because going veg doesn't mean you'll be missing out on fine-dining experiences.

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Labour Of Love: The Most Laborious Dishes By MICHELIN-Starred Restaurants

In honour of Labor Day, we take a look at the most labor-intensive dishes around.

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MICHELIN Movers and Shakers: Vicky Cheng's WING, Jun Tanaka's Salisterra and More New Ventures

Everything you need to know about MICHELIN-starred restaurants’ latest happenings this spring.

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Belon 2.0, Yakiniku Jikon Opening And More New Ventures By MICHELIN Restaurants

2021 is looking promising for the F&B industry with exciting openings by chefs and restaurateurs behind top MICHELIN-starred restaurants.

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What MICHELIN Inspectors Were Impressed By At The Newly Starred Restaurants In Hong Kong and Macau

Among the 10 restaurants that received new Stars in the 2021 edition are 2 new Two Star restaurants and 8 new One Star restaurants. Here's what caught the eyes — and tastebuds — of our MICHELIN inspectors at each venue.

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Celebrate Christmas and New Year At These MICHELIN Restaurants In Hong Kong

The unexpected twists and challenges of 2020 give us all the more reason to celebrate and bring some cheer into our lives.

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My Signature Dish: Olivier Elzer's Brittany Razor Clams With Pressed Caviar Cream

French-born chef Olivier Elzer explains how a hidden bed of French caviar cream adds a luxe lift to his signature dish of Brittany razor clams.

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Restaurant Secrets: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hairy Crab

How should hairy crabs be eaten to extract maximum pleasure from them? Three chefs from MICHELIN-recommended restaurants in Hong Kong share their expert opinions.

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Tokyo's Two-Starred Tempura Uchitsu Opens In Hong Kong And Other Restaurant Moves

An exciting month of October for the city’s culinary scene with the opening of Tempura Uchitsu, plus latest new moves from the MICHELIN restaurants in town.

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Exceptional Chicken Dishes from Hong Kong's MICHELIN-recommended Cantonese Restaurants

A banquet without chicken is just dinner, according to an old Cantonese saying. We round up a selection of mouth-watering chicken dishes from the top MICHELIN restaurants around town.

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Restaurant Secrets: How To Order Char Siu Like An Expert

In Hong Kong and Macau, char siu, or barbecued pork, is as much in the souls of its people as it is on their tables. We look at the history of the Cantonese classic and how to order it like an expert.

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Creative Takeaways And Deliveries: How Hong Kong's MICHELIN Restaurants Are Innovating To Adapt

From classy gastronomy boxes to video tutorials, week-long meal plans and even building out their own delivery apps, these MICHELIN-star restaurant chefs and operators share the innovations they've taken to keep their business afloat.

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The New Stars In The MICHELIN Guide Taipei & Taichung 2020 - What Our MICHELIN Inspectors Said

MICHELIN's famously particular food critics shared what impresses them most about newly starred and promoted restaurants logy, A Cut, Molino de Urdániz and Sushi Akira in Taipei and JL Studio, Fleur de Sel, Forchetta and Oretachi No Nikuya in Taichung.

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5 MICHELIN Restaurants in Causeway Bay and Wanchai For Business Lunch

Whether you're looking to talk serious business or have a friendly banter among colleagues, you can’t go wrong with these MICHELIN-recommended restaurants.

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What To Order At One-MICHELIN-starred Fook Lam Moon

Even though is is widely recognised as the "canteen of tycoons", Fook Lam Moon is not just for the well-heeled. The legendary restaurant where many of today's iconic Cantonese dishes were first created opens its doors to everyone. These are the dishes you should definitely not miss — even if you don't have a millionaire's budget.

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Behind The Bib: Hop Sze

This tiny restaurant counted on its small size to stay nimble and make a name for itself.

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Enjoy A Taste of France In These 5 MICHELIN Restaurants In Hong Kong and Macau

With their exceptional French gourmet, inviting decor and attentive service, these restaurants give you a complete French gastronomic experience - without having to leave town.

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Chef Tsang Chiu King's Hong Kong Homecoming

After seven years overseas, veteran Cantonese chef Tsang Chiu King returns to his native Hong Kong to lead Ming Court Wanchai, as he believes the city is the best place to preserve the Cantonese culinary heritage.