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Where Chefs Go: Maine

From early childhood summers to his current adult vacations, here are the places chef Ryan McCaskey loves to visit in the Pine Tree State.

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Five Taipei Restaurants with the Best Wine Selections

Oenophiles can follow the MICHELIN Guide’s Interesting Wine List logo to navigate the world of wines.

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Spot Star Chefs at Beaupassage in Paris

Six years in the making, the modern version of Parisian passages that flourished centuries ago has opened on the Left Bank.

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A 48-Hour Guide to Los Angeles

Chefs share their favourite food haunts, shopping and lodging options in the City of Angels.

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Five Haunted Eateries Around the World

These restaurants may offer something a little extra with your meal.

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5 Hip Local-Approved Thai Restaurants in Bangkok

Here's where to have great food in a chic ambiance in the Land of Smiles.

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Zooming In on U.K.'s Newest Two Stars

A closer look at the U.K.'s three new two-starred restaurants: Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs, Moor Hall and CORE by Clare Smyth.

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8 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Tottori

With this lesser known Japanese prefecture making it into the MICHELIN Guide for the first time this year, now's the best time to discover the food and attractions of Tottori.

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Savour Tokachi, Japan’s Most Bountiful Region

We follow 14 chefs and F&B insiders from Singapore as they embark on an eye-opening trip to Tokachi in Hokkaido to discover its wide variety of produce.

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Where Chefs Go: San Sebastián, Spain

Explore the source of inspiration for pintxos bars like New York City-based Huertas.

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Exploring The Bounty Of Shimonoseki

The search for his favourite fish brought Tan Ken Loon, owner of The Naked Finn, to this sleepy Japanese port town rich in history and local produce.

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Michelin Celebrates the Cuisine of Great Britain and Ireland

We celebrated the area’s 2019 guide launch via social media.

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Tottori Is a Crab Lover’s Paradise

The prefecture in Japan is the least populous but produces the most crabs in the whole country.

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Where Chefs Go: Table Rock, MO

Chicago’s Debbie Gold recommends this unique Missouri lake town for peace, quiet and Dolly Parton stampedes.

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5 Popular Chicken Dishes Across Asia

One of the most popular meats in the region, chicken can be steamed, deep-fried, stir-fried and even smashed.

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Where Chefs Go: Basilicata, Italy

Chef Rudy Accornero visits during the region’s white truffle season, running from September through December.

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Tottori: Crab Lovers’ Paradise

This prefecture in Japan is the least populous but produces the most crabs in the whole country.

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Travel Tips: Leiden, Netherlands

We explored outside of the country’s capital—here's where to go in Leiden.