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Christmas Shopping Guide: Nifty Gadgets We Really Want in Our Kitchens

It's time to get started on that Christmas shopping list.

Christmas kitchen kitchen appliance

We've all got this person on our life - the foodie, chef and chief gourmand of every gathering. And if you've been at the delicious receiving end multiple times, Christmas is the best time to give back; especially when it means helping them prepare even more tasty treats in the future.

Here are five cool kitchen equipments every home-cook covets.

Instant Pot.png

Instant Pot
What is it: A smarter, faster, better update on the old-school pressure cooker.
Why buy it: Braise pulled pork in an hour instead of six and cook steel-cut oats in three minutes instead of overnight. They've even got sizes for you to choose from, depending on the sized of the party you're feeding - five ravenous eaters, a crowd of three or just two, your cat and you.
Thermomix® from Vorwerk
What is it: It's an all-in-one kitchen appliance that's got a cultlike following in Europe and Australia.
Why buy it: The French Laundry's Thomas Keller supposedly bought five. It promises to be able to cook nearly 600 recipes on its own from scratch; from chopping the ingredients to sautéing to puréeing and eventually cooking the whole dish down. Word is that it can even cook risotto for you.
Joule by Chefsteps
What is it: A sous vide machine to beat all other sous vide machines.
Why buy it: Touted as one of the smallest, if not the smallest, sous vide machines on the market, Joule makes for an easy addition to any kitchen. This is partially due to the fact that it doesn't come with any analog controls; the Joule is completely controlled through a Bluetooth app, which gives its users remote access to control the cook's water temperature and doneness.
Artisan® Mini Stand Mixer from KitchenAid
What is it: A smaller, more compact, more powerful sibling of the iconic KitchenAid stand mixer.
Why buy it: The original stand mixer has a massive cult following for its ability to make everything from fresh pasta to mincing burger patties, churn ice cream to stuffing sausages. But the general gripe was that it's a tad bulky and heavy, which means it's not an appliance users will be lugging about the kitchen. Where is it first set-up is likely to be its last. The new Artisan® Mini mixer is eases up on this for it is noticeably smaller and lighter. And the best part is that it comes in a variety of colours so you can buy the one that suits the personality of the receiver best.
 Weber Kitchen Thermometer.jpg
Kitchen Thermometer from Weber
What is it: A cooking thermometer that will alert you on your phone when your food is ready.
Why buy it: Gone are the days when you have to stand over a bowl at the stove with a thermometer in your hand waiting for the temperate to go up. A watched pot never boils, we know. Weber's smart thermometer is a step up from kitchen thermometers; it has the ability to alert you remotely through an app so you can focus your attention elsewhere while the roast cooks in the oven.


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