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What is Japanese Kappo cuisine?

Experience this traditional style of cooking and fine Iwate Wagyu at TEN Japanese Dining.

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You might be more familiar with the term ‘Kaiseki’—a refined way of Japanese dining offering a seasonal course menu of elaborately prepared dishes, served almost like art in a elaborate, formal dining room—or casual Izakaya-style cuisine where small plates are served to accompany drinks. Well, Kappo falls somewhere between the two.
As with omakase Kaiseki, Kappo is a multi-course meal that is left entirely up to the chef. Kappo simply means ‘to cut and to cook’, an all-encompassing word for a less formal cuisine that emphasizes the proximity between the diner and the chef who is cutting and cooking the food.
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Kappo restaurants are usually small and cozy, frequented by regulars and known only through word of mouth. At TEN Japanese Dining within Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, what you’ll get is an authentic Kappo experience. Omakase courses are priced at about $150.

Entering the restaurant, you’ll be seated up close at the bar counters where you can immerse yourself in the dining experience, watching as the chef prepares fresh, seasonal ingredients and cooks them in front of you.

The freshest sashimi are sliced and plated before you, using seafood that is flown in directly from Fukuoka twice a week.
TEN is one of the very few Japanese restaurants in Singapore to serve Iwate Wagyu. While most other Wagyu like Kobe or Ohmi are from Japanese Black Cattle, Iwate beef is a rare exception that comes from the Japanese Shorthorn. These are reared in the lush Iwate Prefecture, yielding a beef that is higher in red meat and lower in fat than other wagyu types. This means that the beef is incredibly tender and flavorful, yet not cloyingly fatty.
TEN Japanese Dining specialises in Iwate Wagyu, a leaner but just flavourful breed.
TEN Japanese Dining specialises in Iwate Wagyu, a leaner but just flavourful breed.
And while you wait for dinner to commence, or between courses, you can indulge in a number of specialty cocktails such as the Oriental Heaven or Star Festival which employ both local and Japanese ingredients, as well as Japanese whisky—highball is always a popular choice with the Japanese.

The Kappo-style cuisine at TEN is a feast for all the senses, and a great way to immerse yourself in Japanese dining culture.

TEN Japanese Dining
11 Cavenagh Road, #01-13/14 Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
Tel: 6737 4929

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