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Meet Bangkok’s Two Latest Stars – Q&A with Mathias and Thomas Sühring

Keeping one Michelin Star year-on-year is no easy feat… Getting a star upgrade is a totally different ballgame, as it means your restaurant has really impressed during our inspectors’ anonymous repeat visits over the past 12 months.

Fresh off the stage and smiling, we catch up with the Sühring brothers to discover what they’ve done differently over the past 12 months.

Q: 2018 has been a great year for Restaurant Sühring, you’ve topped many lists along with getting two Michelin Stars. What have you done differently this year?

Chef Mathias: As you know, our restaurant has only been open since 2016, and slowly we’ve been refining what we do. This year I would say a lot more thought has gone into the dishes and we’ve invested a lot more in people, training and service as well.

Chef Thomas: Like Mathias said we, as chefs, are growing together with the restaurant. Over the last 12 months, we’ve had time to fine tune and make things better… get more consistent and get the team behind the whole concept.

Q: What does having two Michelin Stars mean to you and the team at Restaurant Sühring?

Chef Mathias: It’s a big upgrade! Actually, we were not expecting that to be honest. We were not planning to have it this year and it’s a big surprise to us obviously. We are very honoured to be selected… and it’s amazing to be a part of the two star league as there are only four in the whole country.

Chef Thomas: Yes, it’s also a big thank you to the team we have as well. It’s all the staff that enables us to be consistent and the two Michelin stars are for them too.

The prestigious two Michelin Star restaurant club of 2019. Chefs from (L-R): Gaggan, Le Normandie, Mezzaluna and Sühring
The prestigious two Michelin Star restaurant club of 2019. Chefs from (L-R): Gaggan, Le Normandie, Mezzaluna and Sühring

Q: You are identical twins, you obviously have a deep connection and you work together every day. What would you say each other’s strengths and weakness are?

Chef Mathias: I would say Thomas’ strengths are his focus and passion… His weakness is that sometimes he wants to get things done quickly and he pushes too hard to get things done.

Chef Thomas: Mathias is the same… passionate, focused and very creative, but he is a bit more German than me – very organised, structured and always on time.

Q: It’s not always easy working with family, especially in the pressured environment of the kitchen, do you fight?

Chef Mathias: Not fight like a fist fight but we have disagreements like all family. Trust is very important and two is better than me doing it alone and having the trust and relationship with Thomas is very important.

Chef Thomas: I agree… There are times when we have disagreements and not talk to each other for a day, but like Mathias said, it’s like all other families. We always make it work in the end and it helps to know that we will always have each other’s backs and not worry about these kind of things.

Q: What are your plans for the next 12 months at Restaurant Sühring?

Chef Mathias: We’re under big pressure now. We will keep doing things we’re doing, as obviously it’s a successful way… We will keep creating with the team; try new dishes, add more thought to the menu and try to improve.

Chef Thomas: We will also do some updates to the front of house as well along with the training, the tableware and these kinds of things. We do this all again next year, so hopefully we will not lose any stars, as the pressure is on us.

Q: What have you noticed since the arrival of the MICHELIN Guide in Thailand?

Chef Mathias: It’s incredible for the country and us chefs. You can see the competition getting stronger and stronger. The MICHELIN Guide is taking chefs in Thailand to the next level and I think sooner or later you will see a three star in Thailand.

Chef Thomas: Michelin has definitely been good for tourists and diners too. As you can see, there are a lot of people coming here to do pop ups too and this is good for the country and good for the restaurants. Bangkok is the right place to be at the moment.

Here’s what our Inspectors said about Restaurant Sühring (Two Michelin Stars)
Dining here is a homely affair as it's located in a restored townhouse in a quiet neighborhood. Brothers Mathias and Thomas Sühring deliver their very own style of modern German cooking that is sometimes playful, sometimes classic and always prepared with care. A la carte menus are available, but it would be a shame to shy away from the 13-course 'classic' and 'experience' menus. The knowledgeable sommelier is in charge of an outstanding list of German and Alsatian wine.


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