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World’s Famous Chefs Reveal Their Favourite Thai Dish

What’s your favourite Thai food?


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Have You Met Thailand's First MICHELIN Sommelier Award Winner?

Get to know the Frenchman who walked from France to Thailand.

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Meet The 18 Female Chefs Who Lead MICHELIN Star Restaurants In Asia

They overcame poverty, cancer and self-doubt to pursue their passion for the food business. We celebrate their stories.

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Questions For Chef Daniel Calvert Of SÉZANNE, Tokyo From The World, The World From Tokyo

Daniel Calvert is Executive Chef of SÉZANNE, which was promoted to Two MICHELIN Stars in the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2023. Before moving to Tokyo in 2021, he lived and worked in London, Paris, New York and Hong Kong. We asked him about Japan, his experiences around the world and what he would say to young chefs.

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Andreas Caminada On How To Be A Good Chef And A Great Leader

Catch up with Andreas Caminada, one of the youngest chefs in Europe to achieve three MICHELIN Stars, on passing on the baton and leadership.

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Why Sorn’s Chef Supaksorn “Ice” Jongsiri Never Sees Himself Successful

What drives a chef?

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Crucial Career Tips For Young Cooks By Davide Garavaglia, Winner Of MICHELIN Young Chef Award Presented By Blancpain

“Do your best every day. Learn how to be a better chef every day. Make your guests happy. These are my motivations as a chef.”

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Meet Fumio Kondo, Owner-Chef Of Two-Starred Tempura Kondo, And His Tempura Journey In Tokyo

For half a century, Kondo has devoted himself to a single passion: spreading the joy of tempura to the wider world.

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Have You Met Uthit Songtho, This Year's Service Award Winner In Thailand?

Talking Thai-style service with the winner of the 2023 MICHELIN Thailand Service Award.

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Chef Dan Bark Talks The Pursuit Of Perfection

What drives a chef?

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Chef David Hartwig Of IGNIV Bangkok Talks Righteousness, Success And Competition

What drives a chef?

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Love At First Bite: Why This Chef Never Forgets His First Taste Of Chutoro

How Gerard Villaret Horcajo falls in love with this cut of tuna.

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Inspired By Mom: These Chefs Keep Their Restaurant Success In The Family

Even the finest of dining starts with a home-cooked meal.

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My Signature Dish: The Story Behind Canvas’ Picturesque Bounty

Get to know Canvas' colourful signature dish you will want to try.

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Talking Dreams, Sustainability, And Life Lessons With Chef Mauro Colagreco

“My dream is for Côte to be the best Western restaurant in Thailand.”

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The First Day We Got Our Stars: Qiu Xiaogui Of Yu Ting Yuan

In its 2022 edition, the MICHELIN Guide Thailand welcomes Cantonese cuisine to its Star selection with newly minted Yu Ting Yuan as the first and only Cantonese restaurant to be awarded one MICHELIN Star in Thailand.

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A Day In A Life Of A MICHELIN-Starred Restaurant Chef: Vincent Thierry: Leader, Husband, Father, And Passionate Cook

A glimpse into the life of a MICHELIN-Starred restaurant chef.

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Meet MICHELIN Guide Asia's Top Female Pastry Chefs And Their Signature Desserts

We celebrate Asia’s top female pastry chefs who are paving the way for the next generation.

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Alain Roux On Family Legacy And The Next Chapter Of Le Normandie

From a three MICHELIN Starred French restaurant on the River Thames to a renowned French restaurant on the Chao Phraya River.