People 18 minutes

Meet The 22 Female Chefs Who Lead Michelin Star Restaurants In Asia

They overcame poverty, cancer and self-doubt to pursue their passion for the food business. We celebrate their stories.

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Why Service Matters: Guillaume Barray, Thailand's First MICHELIN Guide Service Award Winner

Thailand’s first winner of the MICHELIN Guide Service Award Presented by the Tourism Authority of Thailand : Guillaume Barray.

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From Farm To Fame: Northeastern Thai Women In Belgium Win A MICHELIN Star

How five girls from Northeastern Thailand shaped Boo Raan into one of the best restaurants in MICHELIN Guide Belgium and Luxembourg.

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Chef’s Table’s Vincent Thierry, The Frenchman Who Made It All Possible Again

Chef’s Table -- a contemporary French restaurant is the only eatery that received an additional star, joining the Two MICHELIN Star list in the MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2021 edition.

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Chef Sujira “Aom” Pongmorn, Thailand’s First Winner Of MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award Presented By Blancpain

“While cooking, Dad, who I trust wholeheartedly, never said ‘You shouldn’t do this or that.’ That gave me confidence to pursue a culinary career.”

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Sushi Masato Makes Its Star Debut In The MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2021

An omakase-style Japanese restaurant on a quiet lane along Sukhumvit in Bangkok has become the second Japanese MICHELIN Starred establishment in Thailand.

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This One MICHELIN Starred Restaurant Is Thailand’s Most Iconic And Favourite Dining Room

Chef Jirawut Sapkiree of Methavalai Sorndaeng cooks up a repertoire of authentic Thai dishes that tell the legend of one of Thailand’s most beloved dining rooms.

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My Signature Dish: The Story Behind Sorn’s Famous Gems On Crab Stick

Get a glimpse of what’s behind the distinctive culinary creation from one of the first traditional Thai restaurants in the world to receive Two MICHELIN Stars.

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A Day In The Life Of Table 38’s Chef Andy Yang

How does one incorporate sustainable practices into daily life? Just ask Andy Yang, chef-owner of Table 38, whose modern Thai fine-dining restaurant is known for its creative use of organic, sustainably sourced ingredients. He walks us through a typical day in his life in Bangkok.

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The Nose, The Tail, And Everything In Between With Chalee Kader Of 100 Mahaseth

When asked what his food concept is, Chef Chalee Kader answers bluntly and knowingly: “It's Thai food, using brain to balls.”

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How Childhood Memories Make A One MICHELIN Star Restaurant For Chef Vichit Mukura

Discover Chef Vichit Mukura’s evolving talent over four decades as he explores every niche of Thai cuisine.

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My Signature Dish: Daniel Boulud’s Original DB Burger

Veteran chef Daniel Boulud's French fine-dining spin on an American classic was the most expensive burger in the world when it was created 20 years ago — and is still a menu mainstay today.

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