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Three MICHELIN Stars sushi master Kenji Gyoten back to wow Bangkok diners

Devout sushi lovers listen up. Three MICHELIN Stars Chef Kenji Gyoten is in town and you wouldn’t want to miss his Edomae sushi.


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F&B Insiders Series: Khanitha Akaranitikul of Baan Khanitha
In the first of a series of individuals who have had an impact on Thailand’s evolving food and beverages scene, Khanitha Akaranitikul explains to the MICHELIN Guide Thailand how she single-handedly carved out her own pathway to success in Thailand’s restaurant industry by founding one of the first standalone fine dining restaurant outside a hotel.
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Video: Making The Connection At Saawaan
Saawaan, a one-Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok, is breathing new life into Thai food traditions with obscure ingredients from around the country.
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The Must-Try Dishes at Jay Fai
Roadside hawker Supinya Junsuta, better known as Jay Fai, found fame for receiving a Michelin star two years in a row, but the plucky 73-year-old still personally cooks every dish at her Bangkok stall.
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MICHELIN Guide, Stars & Experiences Explained - Q&A with Gaelle Van Hieu
It’s not easy being a woman, mother and manager of chefs in a male dominated domain, while heading the Southeast Asian outpost of the most prestigious restaurant guide in the world.
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In Memoriam: Andrew Fairlie
The Scottish chef and owner of his eponymous two-Michelin-starred restaurant has passed away at the age of 55.
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Sitra Phanasomburna – Natural Healing With Macrobiotics
Meet the woman who has proven that fresh, seasonal produce and a positive outlook on life are the key ingredients to happiness.
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A Canvas of Stars: Q&A With Canvas’ Chef Riley Sanders
From Texas to Thailand, young chef Riley Sanders’ taste for adventure and passion for food ends with a Michelin Star recognition.
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Frying High with Jay Fai - Q&A with Bangkok’s Queen of Street Food
Successful at retaining her one Michelin Star this year, Jay Fai talks about her plans for the future and how she’s just getting started.
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Arrival of the MICHELIN Guide Thailand - A Bangkok Glutton’s Observations
Meet Chawadee “Chow” Nualkhair, Thai-American author, food blogger and freelance journalist who specialises in street food. Born in Pittsburgh and now calling Bangkok home, Chow is a leading local voice on everything food-related.
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Meet Phuket’s Newest Star - Chef Jimmy Ophorst from PRU
Dutch chef Jimmy Ophorst arrived in Phuket six years ago with a team of international chefs working on a consulting project with the Trisara Hotel and has never looked back since. Now chef of Phuket’s first-ever Michelin Star restaurant, Chef Jimmy is now officially recognised as a leading voice for Thailand’s farm-to-table movement.
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Chef Gaggan Anand: The Future of Restaurant Gaggan & His Views on Dining in Bangkok
Outspoken and to the point as usual, we sit down with Chef Gaggan Anand for a candid interview on the next generation of stars in Thailand and what diners can expect from him in the next 12 months.
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Meet Bangkok’s Two Latest Stars – Q&A with Mathias and Thomas Sühring
Keeping one Michelin Star year-on-year is no easy feat… Getting a star upgrade is a totally different ballgame, as it means your restaurant has really impressed during our inspectors’ anonymous repeat visits over the past 12 months.
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Chefs Profiles: Arnaud Dunand-Sauthier and Ryuki Kawasaki (Video)
Meet the chefs behind Bangkok's first Michelin Guide Dining Series.
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Life After a Michelin Star – A Perspective from Bangkok’s Top Chefs and the Darling of Thai Street Food
Two months after the whirlwind launch of the first-ever MICHELIN Guide in Bangkok, chefs are looking ahead to a year of improvement, new restaurants, innovation and maybe more stars.
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Thai Chef Series - Q&A with Chef Bee Satongun from Paste Bangkok (One Michelin Star)
The recent arrival of the MICHELIN Guide in Bangkok has once again thrusted Thai cuisine into the international spotlight. With 7 of the 17 Michelin Starred restaurants in Bangkok serving Thai food; 4 are headed by female chefs. On a quiet corner table near the window of the newly crowned Michelin starred restaurant (Paste), we ask Chef Bee Satongun what cooking means to her and her views on Bangkok’s dining scene post Michelin Guide’s arrival.
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