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MICHELIN Inspectors’ 5 Best International Dishes in the MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2020

Here’s a list of the top 5 international dishes that impressed our local and international inspectors during the MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2020 inspections.

Helping you get a flavour of the best international cuisine the MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2020 has to offer, we’ve asked our inspectors to list their top 5.

Learn more about our inspectors and our inspection process here.

Top 5 International Dishes From International Inspectors' Notes

1. Upstairs, Bangkok (One MICHELIN Star) – Tuna Tartar with Beets, Capers and Parmesan 

Inspector’s notes: The tuna is risotto-like in texture with a rich, beetroot-based sauce delivering a degree of sweetness, great depth of flavour and intensity.

Topped with a fine crisp wafer, finely grated aged parmesan, a small amount of rocket and a little well-judged horseradish cream which added creaminess and a small amount of heat.

The dish is accompanied by a superb intense beef broth that elevated the dish to even greater heights. One of the finest tuna tartars I've ever tasted!

Photo credit: Tanjira 'Fay' Tragoolvongse (right) and her partner Dan Bark from Upstairs at Mikkeller.
Photo credit: Tanjira 'Fay' Tragoolvongse (right) and her partner Dan Bark from Upstairs at Mikkeller.

2. Gaa, Bangkok (One MICHELIN Star) – Organic Burnt Coconut Sugar Ice cream and Pork Floss

Inspector’s notes: This was exceptional… a delicious, intense, smooth, creamy gelato-style ice cream with a deep rich caramelised flavour. The pork floss was effectively ultra-fine caramelised pork 'candy-floss' which worked exceptionally well from a textural and flavour perspective. Highly original, unique, looked simple, however very complex.

Gaa's Head Chef Garima Arora (left). Photo credit: Colin Ho
Gaa's Head Chef Garima Arora (left). Photo credit: Colin Ho

3. Chef’s Table, Bangkok (One MICHELIN Star) – Duo of Challans Duck, Beetroot, Celery and Ginger Sauce

Inspector’s notes: This roasted duck dish is first class… pink, tender and full of flavour. It is served with a rich, glossy, unctuous sauce of the highest quality along with fine discs of beetroot and slightly firm gnocchi.

The accompanying smooth potato purée was creamy and topped with melt-in-the-mouth slow-cooked pieces of meat, while crisp croutons added a little texture. A rich glossy jus with great depth of flavour finished off this accomplished combination with aplomb.

Photo credit: Chef's Table Facebook.
Photo credit: Chef's Table Facebook.

4. Le Normandie, Bangkok (Two MICHELIN Stars) – Crevette 'Carabinieros' de Mediterranée with Pepper and Green Melon

Inspector’s notes: Classic style but executed with confidence and maturity. The two crevettes were of the highest quality and had been carefully cooked.

Served lightly warm, the flavour of the crevettes is well defined by the rich pepper-based sauce that’s glossy with a lovely sheen and real depth of flavour.

A hint of spice and a fine vegetable brunoise added a textural contrast while ripe sweet cubes of melon added a hint of sweetness and came topped with a red pepper coulis.

Vibrant, colourful and really bursting with freshness.

5. Sühring, Bangkok (Two MICHELIN Stars) – Omas Eirlikör; Süssigkeitenbox

Inspector’s notes: A small ultra-fine crisp pastry tart filled with a plump light vanilla cream and topped with a sweet ripe blueberry. The accompanying 'egg nog' made from grandmother’s recipe was simply superb, as it was intense but perfect in consistency. Very memorable and enchanting flavours.

Top 5 International Dishes from Thai Inspectors' Notes

1. Mezzaluna, Bangkok (Two MICHELIN Stars) - Jean Larnaudie's Foie Gras "Seared and Custard"

Inspector’s notes: Two preparations of foie gras were served on the dish. A piece of seared foie gras of the highest quality which was seared beautifully is placed on top of a foie gras custard.

The custard is smooth and flavourful and topped off with bamboo shoot and broad bean for crunchy texture.

Two Hamaguris were served on top creating another layer of texture, feel and flavour. The clams were very fresh and balanced the foie gras.

This complex dish is then finished in a Hamaguri dashi full of umami. A great dish full of great ingredients and cooking techniques.

Photo credit: Mezzaluna Facebook
Photo credit: Mezzaluna Facebook

2. J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain, Bangkok (One MICHELIN Star) - Razor Clams in their Gelée with Savoy Cabbage and Sea Urchin Cream

Inspector’s notes: The clams were local and fresh. They were served on a jelly made from clam broth that enriched the dish’s flavour and is accompanied by beautifully presented red and yellow savoy cabbage and white pickles for extra texture and colour.

Photo source: J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain's Facebook page.
Photo source: J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain's Facebook page.

3. Fujian, Chiang Mai (MICHELIN Plate) - Scallops with XO Sauce

Inspector’s notes: The dish had four scallops stir-fried and each was served on a big cleaned shell.

The scallops were perfectly cooked; tender and juicy and full of XO flavour. Some mini cut vegetables are perfectly stir-fried to accompany the scallops such as broccoli, bell pepper and spring onion.

The XO sauce is nicely balanced containing the right amount of salt, sweetness and spice.

4. Elements, Bangkok (One MICHELIN Star) - Langoustine and Kurobuta Pork Belly

Inspector’s notes: The portion of langoustine flesh was big and fresh. It was perfectly cooked to bring out full juiciness and sea flavour.

The pork belly was also very well-cooked; tender and salty contrasting the fresh langoustine.

This was a great combination of east meets west (langoustine and kurobuta pork). The dish is served with carrot purée which had sweet, sour and salty flavours in good balance and complemented the meats very well.

Overall the dish contained very good quality of ingredients and good cooking techniques.

Photo credit: Elements Facebook
Photo credit: Elements Facebook

5. Saiyut & Doctor Sai Kitchen, Chiang Mai (Bib Gourmand) – Sweet Potato in Syrup

Inspector’s notes: The sweet potato was carved into flowers and leaves then soaked in limewater before cooked in syrup.

Cooked perfectly, the sweet potato was crisp on the outside because of soaking in limewater and tender and soft on the inside.

The coconut cream poured on top gave a nice salty contrast and enriched the sweetness of the potato.

*Please note that the dishes listed may not be available or not as pictured due to seasonality and the time of inspections.

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