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MICHELIN Inspectors’ 5 Best Signature Dishes in the MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2020

Signature dishes are the culinary world’s equivalent of an artist’s masterpiece or a singer’s greatest hits. The signature dish is what defines a chef's or restaurant’s cooking techniques, personality and cuisine philosophy.

Inspectors MICHELIN Guide Thailand

Helping you choose what to eat in the latest edition of the MICHELIN Guide Thailand, we’ve asked our local and international inspectors for the top 5 signature dishes that impressed during the 2019 Thailand restaurant inspections.

Learn more about our inspectors and our inspection process here.

Top 5 Signature Dishes from Thai Inspector

1. Le Du, Bangkok (One MICHELIN Star) - River Prawn with Pork Belly Jam, Shrimp Paste and Organic Rice

Inspector’s notes: A whole river prawn cut in half and cooked to perfection maintaining freshness and natural flavour.

The mildly sour and spicy tom yum sauce full of shrimp fat added another dimension to the dish while contrasting the freshness of the prawn.

Served with organic rice and shrimp paste, the dish is further balanced by a pork belly jam which was sweet and salty tasting and provided a perfect contrast to the finely diced raw mango pieces.

Photo credit: Le Du, Bangkok Facebook
Photo credit: Le Du, Bangkok Facebook

2. Redbox Thailand, Chiang Mai (MICHELIN Plate) - Siam Ruby Thai Twisted Dessert

Inspector’s notes: The best coconut ice cream I’ve had this year. This dish is famous all over Thailand and very simple to make, but what makes this one special is the use of coconuts from Ampawa district in Samut Songkhram.

Served on top of a crumble of Thai crispy coconut rolls for texture, coconut cookies “Sommanut’, homemade syrup made from Malaysian palm sugar, the dish is spectacularly finished off with an edible gold sheet.

Photo credit: Redbox Thailand Facebook
Photo credit: Redbox Thailand Facebook

3. Le Normandie, Bangkok (Two MICHELIN Stars) - Cochon de Lait

Inspector’s notes: This was a proper suckling pig that was tender, flavourful from the marinate and perfectly cooked.

The cooking techniques and ingredients were of the highest quality, which made this dish faultless.

4. Chef’s Table, Bangkok (One MICHELIN Star) - Seared Foie Gras

Inspector’s notes: Thick pieces of seared foie gras served with citrus mosaic mix and carrot coulis.

The foie gras was extremely well cooked; seared to perfection giving it a colour and crisp while remaining soft inside.

All accompanying elements were perfectly cooked and blended together well in a simple composition. The best foie gras I’ve had!

5. PRU, Phuket (One MICHELIN Star) - Carrots cooked in the soil they came from

Inspector’s notes: A simple dish but a highlight. The carrot was wrapped in banana leaf and cooked in soil by fire made from eucalyptus wood for six hours.

The dish is then finished with a hollandaise sauce made from carrot purée instead of vinegar. When eating, the natural sweetness of the carrot comes out the most with a hint of wood and earthy soil. A very memorable and unique dish indeed.

Photo credit: PRU Facebook
Photo credit: PRU Facebook

Top 5 Signature Dishes from International Inspector

1. Upstairs, Bangkok (One MICHELIN Star) – Tuna Tartar with Beets, Capers and Parmesan

Inspector’s notes: The tuna is risotto-like in its texture with a rich, beetroot-based sauce delivering a degree of sweetness, great depth of flavour and intensity.

Topped with a fine crisp wafer, finely grated aged parmesan, a small amount of rocket and a little well-judged horseradish cream which added creaminess and a small amount of heat.

The dish is accompanied by a superb intense beef broth that elevated the dish to even greater heights. One of the finest tuna tartars I've ever tasted!

Photo credit: Upstairs Mikkeller Bangkok
Photo credit: Upstairs Mikkeller Bangkok

2. Methavalai Sorndaeng, Bangkok (One MICHELIN Star) – Roasted Duck Red Curry

Inspector’s notes: A very fine red curry, the duck was finely sliced and superbly tender, pieces of pineapple were beautifully sweet and cut through the richness and fattiness of the duck. Lovely layers of light spice and flavour with a fine consistency to the coconut-based sauce which was topped with a little coconut cream, plenty of fresh kaffir lime leaves and vibrant red chillies. Quite simply a flavour explosion!

3. Gaa, Bangkok (One MICHELIN Star) – Organic Burnt Coconut Sugar Ice cream and Pork Floss

Inspector’s notes: This was exceptional, a delicious intense smooth, creamy gelato-style ice cream with a deep rich caramelised flavour. The pork floss was effectively ultra-fine caramelised pork 'candy-floss' which worked exceptionally well from a textural and flavour perspective. Highly original, unique, looked simple however very complex.

Photo credit: Colin Ho
Photo credit: Colin Ho

4. Sühring, Bangkok (Two MICHELIN Stars) – Omas Eirlikör; Süssigkeitenbox

Inspector’s notes: A small ultra-fine crisp pastry tart filled with a plump light vanilla cream and topped with a sweet ripe blueberry. The accompanying 'eggnog' made from grandmother’s recipe was simply superb as it was intense but perfect in consistency. Very memorable and enchanting flavours.

5. Magnolia Café, Chiang Mai (MICHELIN Plate) – Durian with Sticky Rice and Coconut Cream

Inspector’s notes: The durian was wonderfully ripe, full of flavour with a beautiful sweetness. The bed of sticky rice is cooked just right with grains falling apart nicely.

The coconut cream is smooth with a lovely balance and appealing sweetness. A memorable dessert featuring the ‘King of fruits’ which simply deserves the utmost respect.

Photo credit: Magnolia Café, Chiang Mai Facebook
Photo credit: Magnolia Café, Chiang Mai Facebook

*Please note that the dishes listed may not be available or not as pictured due to seasonality and the time of inspections.

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