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Christmas Guide: Tips On How To Carve A Turkey

A step-by-step guide on how to get the best out of this bird.

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Having a turkey on the dining table during Christmas is tradition in most homes. The roasted golden bird, with its stuffing and sides of vegetables, is the centrepiece for this festive occasion.

But knowing how to carve the bird takes skill — and more than a little practice. There's knowing how to wield the knife, where to make the first incisions, and which bits to remove so it's easier to slice up the whole bird.

Here, we get Jason Lim, Chef de Partie at Michelin-listed The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, to guide us through the steps of carving turkey.
Guide To Carving A Turkey

Step 1: Make sure the turkey is facing you.

Step 2: Make a V-shaped incision at the neck of the turkey.

Step 3: Remove the wishbone (a V-shaped bone structure located where the neck meets the torso).

Step 4: Separate the leg, whole drum and thigh.

Step 5: Debone the thigh- cut along thigh bone, under and remove the whole piece of bone.

Step 6: Cut right down the top of the turkey, in one swift motion. Remove the whole turkey breast.

Step 7: Remove the wing, twisting at the drumlet joint and cutting through all the way.

Step 8: Slice the breast meat across the grain.

Step 9: Slice the thigh meat.

Step 10: Serve and enjoy!


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