Features 4 minutes

In the Mood for Sake

Hong Kong is the world’s second biggest sake importer. What contributes to the wine’s popularity here?

Features 2 minutes

Yukimuro: The Japanese Science Of Snow Aged Food

Coffee, sake, vegetables and wagyu undergo an amazing taste-transformation in this snowy traditional storage method.

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Demystifying French Soft Charcuterie

Meat with less chew but more condensed flavour, thanks to the ingenuity of French cooking.

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Around the World in 8 Dumplings

If food is the world’s universal language, dumpling is one of the most common expressions within. Learning the special attributes of dumplings from different countries is to understand their food cultures.

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Wine Pairing Ideas For 6 Essential Asian Dishes

From chicken rice to kimchi, laksa to sushi, there is a wine to go with every Asian dish.

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The Only Wine Glass You'll Ever Need

Sometimes it seems like there are more wine glass options out there than wine varietals themselves. What’s an oenophile low on shelf space to do?

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The Renaissance Of Hong Kong Rice

Yi O rice from Hong Kong's Lantau Island gaining favour among gourmands.

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The Warmth Of Sushi

Venerated sushi chef Takashi Saito has opened the first overseas outpost of his three-Michelin-starred Sushi Saito in Hong Kong in March. We bring you Saito’s story exclusively from Tokyo.

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The Secrets of Deep Frying

It may be the starting point for most Chinese cooks, but deep-frying is an art that takes years to perfect.

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What Goes Into A Cup Of Taiwanese Oolong Tea

Find out why oolong tea that is grown in Taiwan is vastly distinct from its Fujian sibling despite coming from the same plant.

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How Chefs Cope With Food Allergies

Now more than ever, restaurants need to take precautions with food sensitivities. How do chefs respond to the challenge?

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Nihonryori RyuGin Is Moving To Hibiya

This August, three-starred restaurant Nihonryori RyuGin in Tokyo is moving to a new location in Hibiya, close to the Imperial Palace.

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Ten Things To Love About Hong Kong Style Barbecue

Barbecue is an evergreen holiday activity, but foodies in Hong Kong do it a bit differently.

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The A-Z Guide To The Michelin Universe

All you need to know about the prestigious red guide, in small nibbles.

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Making Champagne: A Year In The Life Of A Chef de Caves

The Chef de Caves, or cellar master, who is charge of the Champagne-making process, shoulders heavy responsibilities behind the bubbles.

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Six Hangover Cures Koreans Swear By

You won't find more delicious ways to beat a hangover.

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Origins: The Meaning Behind Chinese New Year Goodies From Around the World

Uncover some of the most interesting stories behind our favorite New Year snacks from around the world.

Features 3 minutes

All About Sea Cucumbers

Despite its eccentric appearance, the sea cucumber makes up one of the four types of prestigious dried seafood in Chinese cuisine, and is a fixture in some refined dishes celebrating Chinese New Year. Get to know the different facets of it, from selection to preparation.