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「MICHELIN Guide Nara 2022」An Interview with Starred restaurants

We interviewed the chefs who won stars in MICHELIN Guide Nara 2022, asking them who they’d like to share this feeling with in their moment of triumph. We also asked them to share an episode of their lives with that person.

Features 2 minutes

How Roganic Puts Sustainability On The Menu, One Dish At A Time

What goes behind designing a MICHELIN Green Star restaurant menu?

Features 1 minute

MICHELIN Guide Nara 2022 MICHELIN Green Star restaurants

5 MICHELIN Green Stars awarded in Nara

Features 4 minutes

Love Letters to Asia: Restaurant Dishes by International Chefs that Pay Tribute to the Region

These MICHELIN-Starred restaurant chefs may not be from Asia, but some courses on their menus echo how Asia has become home for them, too.

Features 9 minutes

Earth Day: How MICHELIN Green Star Restaurants In Asia Are Doing Their Part With Sustainable Practices

In honour of Earth Day, we celebrate MICHELIN Green Star restaurants in the region that are going the extra mile for our planet.

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Will Kombu Save the World?

Kombu is known as a healthy food that is essential for Japanese cuisine, but did you know that it also supports the natural environment in the ocean? We took a close look at the mystery of how kombu protects the planet.

Features 6 minutes

Lunar New Year: Food Traditions Around Asia

As the Lunar New Year approaches, we ask MICHELIN restaurants around Asia about festive dishes traditionally enjoyed in their destinations and cultures at this time of the year.

Features 8 minutes

How MICHELIN Chefs Celebrate Christmas In Their Home Country

From taking saunas between Christmas meals to roller-skating to midnight mass, 10 MICHELIN chefs share their favourite Christmas traditions and memories from home.

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Top Secret Off-Menu Dishes Only Regulars Know At These Cantonese Restaurants

We've got the inside scoop on the secret dishes for those in the know.

Features 2 minutes

Where To Get The Best Beef Brisket Noodles In Hong Kong

MICHELIN-approved beef brisket noodles to satisfy your comfort food cravings this winter.

Features 8 minutes

World Pasta Day: An A-Z Guide To Pasta

We celebrate one of the world’s most beloved and versatile foods with 26 things you need to know

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Hong Kong Chefs’ Playbook: Aberdeen with Danny Yip

Owner Danny Yip gives us a tour of his go-to places to source the best local ingredients for The Chairman.

Features 1 minute

Hong Kong Chefs' Playbook: Tai O with Vicky Cheng

Join Vicky Cheng, the chef-owner of one-MICHELIN-starred VEA, as he takes us to his favourite spots in Hong Kong's fishing village Tai O.

Features 5 minutes

Let's Chaat: The MICHELIN Guide To Indian Street Food

If you think Indian cuisine is only about curry and naan, think again.

Features 1 minute

Hong Kong Chefs' Playbook: Wong Tai Sin with Shane Osborn

Follow Australian chef Shane Osborn's itinerary in Wong Tai Sin to explore the city at a slower pace.

Features 1 minute

Hong Kong Chefs’ Playbook: Yau Ma Tei with Vicky Lau

Discover the hidden gems of the Yau Ma Tei as the chef-owner of two-MICHELIN-starred Tate gives us a tour of her favourite spots in the neighbourhood.

Features 3 minutes

Hong Kong Luxury Hotel Bars That Are Championing Food And Cocktail Pairing

These top hotel bars are changing the way we experience cocktails.

Features 2 minutes

An Inspector Is Born

Ever wondered what the training process is for a Michelin inspector? One inspector reflects on her early days.