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Usher in An Ox-picious Year with These Chinese New Year Puddings from MICHELIN Restaurants

In honour of the Year of the Ox, these MICHELIN restaurants pull out all the stops to create Chinese New Year puddings that will elevate the holiday spirit at home.

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Whether you prefer “Leen Goh” (Chinese New Year pudding) or “Loh Bak Goh” (turnip cake), time-honoured classics or innovative varieties, pan-fried or steamed—eating puddings, like many other Chinese New Year traditions, has a symbolic meaning.

The word “Goh” in Cantonese has a similar pronunciation to the word “high”, which lends its meaning to reaching new heights of prosperity and rising in fortune in the new year. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2021 is the Year of the Ox—an animal that is valued in Chinese culture for its role in agriculture and its positive attributes, such as honesty, diligence and persistence. So, in the spirit of the most hardworking zodiac animal, we present (in no particular order) the most Ox-spicious Chinese New puddings created by the culinary teams behind MICHELIN restaurants, who have worked tirelessly to deliver surprising and inspired flavours.

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One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2020
Helmed by chef Hung Chi-Kwong, formerly of MICHELIN Plate restaurant Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira and one MICHELIN-starred Man Wah, Rùn at The St. Regis Hong Kong rings in the new year with three handmade Chinese New Year puddings. The Japanese Daikon Radish (HK$388) is a traditional turnip cake made with shrimps, shiitake mushrooms, conpoy, Chinese sausages and shredded daikon radish from Japan. Their version of Taro Cake (HK$368), traditionally made with dried shrimps and conpoy, instead features Japanese dried oysters that add umami to the savoury pudding. For those with a sweet tooth, the glutinous rice pudding (‘leen goh’ in Cantonese) is given an aromatic twist with rose flavouring to balance the sweetness of Okinawa black sugar (HK$288). 

In Chinese culture, tea is the choice of beverage when consuming Chinese New Year puddings as it helps to ‘wash down’ the greasiness. Carefully selected by Rùn’s Tea Sommelier Kezia Chan, a selection of tea leaves, including Jasmine Phoenix Pearls, Classic Ripe Pu-erh and Chamomile Reverie, are available for purchase in addition to the puddings at HK$258.

Find more information and order here.

Photo: Courtesy of Lung King Heen
Photo: Courtesy of Lung King Heen

Lung King Heen
Three MICHELIN Stars, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2020
Not one to shy away from reinventing traditional classics, Lung King Heen’s executive chef Chan Yan-tak, together with dim sum chef Lo Kin-ming, have joined hands to create a new pudding flavour to welcome the Year of the Ox. Salted egg yolk, a key ingredient used in celebratory dishes in Chinese festivals, takes centre stage in the new Silver Fish Potato Pudding (HK$488). Elevated with marine flavours from the canopy and crushed silver fish, the pudding is best enjoyed when pan fried to a golden-yellow hue—an auspicious colour that represents wealth in Chinese culture.

Purchase before January 29, 2021 to enjoy 15% off. Find more information and order here.

Photo: Courtesy of Ming Court
Photo: Courtesy of Ming Court

Ming Court
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2020
Bringing back the all-time favorites, Ming Court’s Chinese New Year offerings is an ode to tradition. This year’s pudding selections feature the Coconut Chinese New Year Pudding garnished with grated coconut (HK$268) and Turnip Pudding made with abalone, conpoy, rose wine Chinese preserved sausage and air-dried preserved meat (HK$328). Both puddings are packaged in a specially designed container that can be converted into an exquisite candy box for family and friends to share festive treats and blessings.

Purchase before January 22, 2021 to enjoy early bird specials. Find more information and order here.

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Photo: Courtesy of Yat Tung Heen
Photo: Courtesy of Yat Tung Heen

Yat Tung Heen
One MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2020
Switching up its Chinese New Year offerings with a carbon-neutral campaign, Yat Tung Heen makes a point to give back to the environment with a 100% recyclable packaging for this year’s puddings. Chef Tam Tung’s Turnip Pudding makes a comeback featuring the finest ingredients, including premium dried shrimp, conpoy, Chinese preserved sausage and air-dried preserved meat. The traditional “leen goh” is yet another crowd-pleaser, the coconut-rich glutinous cake wins hearts with its cane sugar enhancements to deliver a nostalgic treat.

Purchase before January 17, 2021 to enjoy 20% off. Find more information and order here.


Tin Lung Heen
Two MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2020
Festive puddings come in a gamut of flavours at sky-high Cantonese restaurant Tin Lung Heen this year—most notably the premium Tin Lung Heen Red Dates and Bird's Nest Coconut Pudding, which comes in a set alongside the restaurant’s famous X.O. Sauce and Vintage Pu'er tea. If you’re looking for a more classic sweet variety, opt for the coconut pudding which is known for its well-balanced sweetness. All sweets aside, the Turnip Pudding with Conpoy is a must-have savoury snack for good fortune and prosperity in the new year.

Purchase before January 17, 2021 to enjoy early bird offers. Find more information and order here.

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T’ang Court
Three MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2020
Celebrate the holidays in true star quality with festive delights crafted by the culinary team of T’ang Court, which includes three handcrafted puddings perfect for sharing with family and friends. The classic New Year Pudding (HK$198), Turnip Pudding with abundant hand-shredded sweet turnip (HK$218) and Taro Pudding filled with conpoy and dried shrimp (HK$218) are the perfect treats to complement a cosy celebration at home. 

Find more information and order here.

Ying Jee Club
Two MICHELIN Stars, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2020
Sometimes, simple is best. Two MICHELIN-starred Cantonese restaurant Ying Jee Club welcomes the Year of the Ox with two festive puddings handcrafted by chef Siu and his talented culinary team. The sweet version is a refreshing take on classic CNY pudding; aside from red dates, a unique pairing of coconut milk and Ceylon black tea is added to the mix to create an aromatic cake with just the right amount of sweetness (HK$238). The savoury variety, on the other hand, sticks to the tradition with a classic turnip cake made with turnip, conpoy, dried shrimps, preserved Chinese sausages and Chinese bacon (HK$298). 

To order, call +852 2801 6882 or email to reservation@yingjeeclub.hk.

Kowloon Shangri La -CNY 2021 - 999.9 Prestige golden bar puddinghong-kong-macau-michelin-guide-2021-chinese-new-year-ox.jpg

Shang Palace
ONE MICHELIN Star, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2020
Creativity is the name of the game in Shang Palace’s CNY offerings this year, featuring two limited edition puddings that are sure to add a wow factor to any dinner table. The 999.9 Prestige Golden Bar pudding, as the name suggests, is a “golden bar” coated with edible gold—perfect for those looking to splurge for the festive season. The pudding itself sets you back HK$3,888. Another new creation is the South Date Pudding with maple honey and dried longan (HK$688) by chef Daniel, which comes in the form of an Ox accompanied by gold coins and with red packs in a gift box. 

michelin-guide-hong-kong-year-of-ox-NY Pudding 2021 Collection (1).jpg

Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira
The MICHELIN Plate, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2020
You can’t go wrong with classics like turnip pudding and “leen goh”, but for those with an adventurous palate, Cuisine Cuisine delivers with two new—and vegan— flavours that are sure to check all the boxes. Truffle fans are treated to the aromatic Turnip Pudding with Black Truffle and Assorted Mushrooms (HK$408), an innovative twist on the traditional turnip cake using a fragrant Italian black truffle and porcini paste paired with shredded king trumpet mushrooms for a soft, crunchy texture.

On the sweet side, the Roselle, Rose Puree and Osmanthus Pudding with Bird’s Nest and Gold Foil (HK$448) is a fragrant and refreshing take on the traditional “leen goh’. This pudding stands out not only for its appearance but also its taste: its subtle floral notes balances out the pudding's sweetness, and the nourishing properties of bird’s nest to make it a tantalising treat for the body.

Purchase before January 31, 2021 to enjoy up to 20% discount. Find more information and order here.

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The hero image is courtesy of The St. Regis Hong Kong. 

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