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One producer, one chef : Hervé Mons and Michel Troisgros

The MICHELIN Guide France dedicates a series of videos to the bond between a producer and a chef. For the third episode, we went to meet Hervé Mons, cheesemaker, with Michel and César Troisgros (le Bois sans Feuilles, near Roanne).

Three Michelin Stars Chefs

Un producteur, un chef : Hervé Mons et les Troisgros

Hervé Mons and Michel Troisgros : here's a story that goes back to childhood. From the kindergarten in Roanne, France, to the sandy expanses of the Paris-Dakar, the two men have each made their own path, always maintaining mutual respect and affection. For a long time, the cheeses matured by Hervé Mons have been served at the Troisgros' three-star restaurant, once in Roanne, now in Ouches. The cheesemaker shares with Michel (and now César) the same concern for excellence, the same quest for quality, the same desire to improve the product on a daily basis. With, always in sight, the pleasure of the customers...

EPISODE 1, Eric Jacquier and Yoann Conte
EPISODE 2 : Xavier Alazard and Ludovic Turac


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