MICHELIN Guide Ceremony 7 minutes 14 November 2023

MICHELIN Guide Italy 2024 is unveiled today!

Two Three MICHELIN Stars restaurants join the MICHELIN Guide Italy 2024

• With the addition of the Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler and Quattro Passi restaurants, Italy now boasts 13 three MICHELIN Stars restaurants

Five restaurants are awarded two MICHELIN Stars and 26 are awarded one MICHELIN Star for a new firmament of 395 stars across the peninsula
13 new restaurants receive the MICHELIN Green Star

The 69th edition of the MICHELIN Guide was unveiled at the gateway to the Franciacorta region during an exceptional ceremony hosted by Federica Fontana. Over 500 guests – including restaurant owners, professionals and students from all over Italy – attended the event.

The selection of restaurants in the MICHELIN Guide Italy 2024 celebrates the complexity, vitality and extent of Italian gastronomy; its many young, talented chefs; and the peninsula’s eco-responsible, sustainable restaurant ecosystem.

This is a record-breaking edition: the MICHELIN Guide Italy once again awards three MICHELIN Stars, celebrates five new two MICHELIN Stars restaurants – two of which receive the prestigious rating upon their entry into the Guide – and adds 26 one MICHELIN Star restaurants to its list. In total, the MICHELIN Guide Italy 2024 selection of MICHELIN Star restaurants includes 395 restaurants.

Two restaurants receive the prestigious three MICHELIN Stars

Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler, Brunico, (Bolzano).
In its new location within a renovated historical villa, Chef Niederkofler remains faithful to his mantra, ‘cook the mountain.’ This means he serves only the best ingredients from the surrounding mountains and valleys, sourced directly with producers and farmers who respect natural cycles to preserve their flavors and nutritional benefits. A dish that impressed the inspectors – as it translates this philosophy with surprising strength – was the risotto featuring robiola cheese, grated egg yolk, and cress. It is a fragrant dish with such intense pungency that it almost brings horseradish to mind, but without the excessive spicy kick: a brilliant, pleasantly balanced recipe.

Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler - L. Dalge
Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler - L. Dalge

Quattro Passi, Nerano, (Naples).
Three MICHELIN Stars shine once again in Campania, in Nerano, where the Sorrento Peninsula narrows towards Capri. This is one of the most romantic bays on the coast. Quattro Passi opened 40 years ago in this corner of paradise. Chef Tonino Mellino worked to earn two MICHELIN Stars, but handed the reins over to his young son, Fabrizio, some years ago, who completed the achievement and reached the pinnacle of world restaurant prestige. His touch has elevated Campanian and Mediterranean cuisine to levels of surprising refinement, style and sensibility. Among the dishes that impressed the inspectors were the Nerano linguine, fusillone with sea urchins, Laticauda lamb, and savory pastries. The selection combines tradition and modernity without ever sacrificing flavor through the utmost respect for ingredients and precise cooking methods.

Quattro Passi - V. Aiello
Quattro Passi - V. Aiello

In addition to the two new entries in the three MICHELIN Stars family, the restaurants – or rather, those that are ‘worth a detour’ to Italy – which retain their 3 Stars are:
Villa Crespi Orta San Giulio (Novara), Piazza Duomo in Alba (Cuneo), Da Vittorio in Brusaporto (Bergamo), Le Calandre in Rubano (Padua), Dal Pescatore in Canneto Sull’Oglio (Mantua), Osteria Francescana in Modena, Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, La Pergola in Rome, Reale in Castel di Sangro (l’Aquila), Uliassi in Senigallia (Ancona) and Enrico Bartolini at the MUDEC art museum in Milan.

Five restaurants join the two MICHELIN Stars selection
The live-streamed ceremony, hosted by Federica Fontana, was a succession of emotions: 33 newly awarded MICHELIN Stars in total, throughout 12 regions, including five new entries in the two MICHELIN Stars category – indicating that they are worth a detour – of which two are entering the Guide for the first time with this edition:

Verso, Chef Mario and Remo Capitaneo, Milan
From zero to two! Milan is known as the city of speed and instant gratification… But while the restaurant is new, the talent of the Capitaneo brothers is not. They have gained extensive experience at highly renowned establishments and are now free to express and unleash their talent at their own restaurant. Theirs is an inclusive, open kitchen that may be observed from the dining room, offering dishes that proved to be extraordinary adventures for the inspectors of the Guide. Among these are the sweetbreads, sea urchins and Béarnaise sauce with coffee and sorrel. The chef completes and explains the dish in the dining room, with an abundance of technical detail. The balance brought about by coffee and sea urchins is surprising: unthinkable on paper, indescribable on the palate.

A. Fongo - Verso Capitaneo
A. Fongo - Verso Capitaneo

La Rei Natura by Michelangelo Mammoliti, Serralunga d'Alba (Cuneo)
The new restaurant at the Il Boscareto hotel received two MICHELIN Stars just a few months after opening, thanks to the team led by Chef Michelangelo Mammoliti. In the picturesque area of the Langhe, known for its extraordinary gastronomy, Mammoliti resumes his personal journey through a nostalgic cuisine, joining forces with the beloved plant world and drawing inspiration from other, more exotic sources. A dish that surprised the inspectors was the lamb parmigiana: creative and delicious, with a savory, aromatic jus.

Andrea Aprea, Chef Andrea Aprea, Milan
The chef – Campanian by birth and Milanese by adoption, and already awarded two MICHELIN Stars for his Vun restaurant – pours his full talent and experience into his namesake Milanese restaurant. There, he serves up uncompromising modern dishes with clear-cut, decisive tastes. The buffalo ricotta tortello with Neapolitan ragout sauce, for example, is an explosion of flavors.

Massi Ninni - Andrea Aprea
Massi Ninni - Andrea Aprea

George Restaurant, Chef Domenico Candela, Naples
On the roof-garden of the Grand Hotel Parker’s, the picture postcard view dominates Naples and its Gulf. But Domenico Candela’s talent quickly steals the show: thanks to his Campanian origins and French experience, the chef combines both traditions in his irresistible creations, such as the hazelnut soufflé with passion fruit and caramel ice cream, a French-inspired dessert where hazelnut represents the bel paese.

L. Furia - George Restaurant
L. Furia - George Restaurant

Piazzetta Milù, Chef Maicol Izzo, Castellammare di Stabia (Naples)
In the most authentic family tradition, Piazzetta Milù has been passed down from generation to generation, developing from a pizzeria to the gourmet restaurant it is today. It is now run by three brothers: Valerio and Emanuele work in the dining room, while Maicol runs the kitchen with brio. He boldly pursues his dream to express himself through his cuisine, culminating in a surprising tasting menu featuring elements of Campania, ingredients from elsewhere, and a great deal of creativity. One of the chef’s original ideas is to create a gastronomic journey around one ingredient, playing with combinations and cooking techniques that highlight its flavor. One example is pepper, which the inspectors tasted as part of the summer menu. In one presentation, it appears as glazed speck combined with banana to create a memorable tarte tatin. That creativity was the determining factor for receiving another award: the 2024 MICHELIN Young Chef Award, sponsored by Lavazza.

Piazzetta Milù
Piazzetta Milù

26 newly awarded One MICHELIN Star restaurants in the MICHELIN Guide Italy 2024
The MICHELIN Guide Italy 2024 features 26 new one MICHELIN Star restaurants. Among these, a MICHELIN Star was awarded to Bluh Furore, a restaurant on the Amalfi coast. Enrico Bartolini defined its gastronomic profile, and 28-year-old Chef Vincenzo Russo – who worked in Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s kitchen – interprets it. Worthy of note are three restaurants run by women which were newly awarded one MICHELIN Star: Casa Mazzucchelli (Aurora Mazzucchelli); Ada (Ada Stifani) in Perugia; and Wood (Amanda Eriksson) on the slopes of the Matterhorn.

Among the 33 newly recognized restaurants, eleven feature chefs aged 35 or younger (and four who are 30 or younger). The young chefs include Fabrizio Mellino (33) of the Quattro Passi restaurant, newly awarded three MICHELIN Stars, and Maicol Izzo (31), winner of the Young Chef Award (sponsored by Lavazza) and chef of the new Two MICHELIN Star restaurant Piazzetta Milù.

Wood - Cristian
Wood - Cristian
B. Bassanelli - Casa Mazzucchelli
B. Bassanelli - Casa Mazzucchelli

The 69th edition of the MICHELIN Guide awarded 13 new Green Stars, bringing the total of Italian restaurants to receive this accolade to 58.

The initiatives of the chefs who received Green Stars will be detailed and presented on the MICHELIN Guide website (guide.MICHELIN.com/it/it) with specialized content during the year.

The Green Star is a distinction for restaurant owners at the forefront of sustainability. It is open to all restaurants, not just restaurants which hold MICHELIN Stars or Bib Gourmands. The inspectors consider a number of factors in their selection, including – but not limited to – the sourcing of raw materials, respect for the work and support of local farmers, waste reduction and management, energy conservation, the reduction of the establishment’s environmental impact, and the sustainable training of young professionals.

Atelier Moessmer Norbert Niederkofler - Brunico BZ
Coltivare - La Morra CN
Dal Pescatore - Canneto sull'Oglio MN
Grow Restaurant - Albiate MB
Horto - Milano MI
Hyle - San Giovanni in Fiore CS
Il Piastrino - Pennabili RN
La Cerreta Osteria - Sassetta LI
Oasis - Sapori Antichi - Vallesaccarda AV
Radici - San Fermo della Battaglia CO
Saporium - Chiusdino SI
Saporium - Firenze Firenze FI
Vespasia - Norcia PG

Radici - V. Moraca
Radici - V. Moraca
C. Bazzo - Horto
C. Bazzo - Horto

Four MICHELIN awards among the 2024 italian selection and introduction of the ‘Passion Dessert’ recognition
Four special prizes were awarded during the presentation of the MICHELIN Guide Italy 2024:

  • 2024 MICHELIN Young Chef award, sponsored by Lavazza, awarded to Maicol Izzo, Piazzetta Milù restaurant in Castellammare di Stabia, Naples.
  • 2024 MICHELIN Service AWARD, sponsored by Intrecci – Advanced Service Training awarded to Federica Gatto, Cetaria restaurant, Baronissi, Salerno.
  • 2024 MICHELIN Chef Mentor AWARD, sponsored by Blancpain, awarded to Gaetano Trovato, Arnolfo restaurant, Colle Val d’Elsa, Siena.
  • 2024 MICHELIN Sommelier AWARD, sponsored by the Franciacorta Wine Consortium, awarded to Marzio Lee Vallio, Esplanade restaurant, Desenzano sul Garda, Brescia.

Moreover, this edition included the introduction of the Passion Dessert recognition. For the first time in Italy, restaurants have been awarded for their desserts which offer guests exceptional experiences.

Riccardo Monco - ENOTECA PINCHIORRI Florence

Davide Guidara - I TENERUMI Aeolians/Salina (Messina)

Gian Piero Vivalda - ANTICA CORONA REALE Cervere (Cuneo)

Francesco Marchese - FRE Monforte D’Alba (Cuneo)

Nicola Portinari - LA PECA Lonigo (Vicenza)

Gaetano Trovato - ARNOLFO Colle va’ D'Elsa (Florence)

Angelo Sabatelli - SABATELLI Putignano (Bari)

Matteo Metullio - Davide De Pra HARRY’S PICCOLO Trieste

Key figures of the MICHELIN Guide Italy 2024
The region with the highest number of newly listed restaurants is Campania, with 1 three MICHELIN Stars, 2 two MICHELIN Star and three one MICHELIN Star restaurants for six restaurants in total. Ranked first for its dynamism, Lombardy boasts seven restaurants that have been newly awarded MICHELIN Stars (2 two MICHELIN Stars and 5 one MICHELIN Star restaurants), while Tuscany takes third place with 4 new One MICHELIN Star restaurants.

In the regional MICHELIN Star ranking, Lombardy remains on top with 60 restaurants (3 three MICHELIN Stars, 6 two MICHELIN Stars, and 51 one MICHELIN Star restaurants). Campania comes in second with 51 restaurants (1 three MICHELIN Stars, 8 two MICHELIN Star, and 42 One MICHELIN Star restaurants), while third place goes to Tuscany with 41 restaurants (one Three MICHELIN Stars, 5 two MICHELIN Stars, and 35 one MICHELIN Star restaurants). Piedmont takes fourth place with 40 restaurants (2 three MICHELIN Stars, four two MICHELIN Stars, and 34 one MICHELIN Star restaurants), while Veneto maintains fifth place with 32 restaurants (1 three MICHELIN Stars, 4 two MICHELIN Star, and 27 one MICHELIN Star restaurants).

In the provincial ranking, two Campanian cities rank in the top five: Naples, confirming its leading position with 29 restaurants (1 one MICHELIN Star, 7 two MICHELIN Stars, and 21 one MICHELIN Star restaurants) and, for the first time, Salerno, taking fourth position with 18 restaurants (2 two MICHELIN Stars and 16 one MICHELIN Star restaurants). It is preceded by Bolzano, which takes second place with 21 restaurants (1 three MICHELIN Stars, 3 Two MICHELIN Stars, and 17 one MICHELIN Star restaurants) and Milan, taking third place with 19 restaurants (1 three MICHELIN Star, 4 two MICHELIN Stars and 14 one MICHELIN Star restaurants).
The capital, Rome, lands in fifth place with 17 restaurants (1 three MICHELIN Stars, 3 two MICHELIN Stars, and 13 one MICHELIN Star restaurants).

In the Bib Gourmand ranking by region, Emilia-Romagna retained its first place with 34 restaurants. Hot on its heels is Lombardy (29 restaurants), followed by Piedmont (28 restaurants) and Tuscany (26 Bib Gourmand), while Veneto takes fifth place with 20.

The Italian selection of the MICHELIN Guide Italy 2024 will be available, free of charge, on the MICHELIN Guide website and app from 8 p.m. on November 14th. The hardcopy edition will be available in all the best bookstores from the first week of December.

In addition to the restaurant selection, Italy’s hotel selection is available, free of charge, on the MICHELIN Guide website and app. As well as restaurants, the selection lists the most unique and exciting places to stay in Italy and around the world.

Every hotel is selected for its extraordinary style, service and character, with options for all budgets, and each can be booked directly through the MICHELIN Guide website and app. The Italian selection includes the most beautiful hotels in the country, including secluded boutique and design hotels such as SoprArno Suites in Florence, and unique establishments from our ‘Plus’ collection such as Palm Suite and The Hoxton in Rome. But you’ll also find architectural masterpieces including Il Palazzo Experimental in Venice, albergo diffuso hotels such as Sextantio in Abruzzo, establishments located in ancient monasteries such as Eremito in Umbria, and historical homes such as Francis Ford Coppola’s Palazzo Margherita in Basilicata.

The MICHELIN Guide is a benchmark in gastronomy. Now it’s setting a new standard for hotels. Download the MICHELIN Guide app, free of charge, on your mobile device; or visit our website to discover all our selections and book an extraordinary restaurant or hotel.

The MICHELIN Guide Italy 2024 at a glance:

Three Stars - 13 restaurants (2 new)
Two Stars - 40 restaurants (5 new)
One Star - 342 restaurants (26 new)
Green Stars - 58 restaurants (13 new)
Bib Gourmand - 257 restaurants (29 new)

Selected - 1334 restaurants (151 new)

MICHELIN Guide Ceremony

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