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The MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2024 Full Selection: Newly Awarded Restaurants Announced

283 locations comprise Singapore's 2024 MICHELIN Guide selection, embracing a multitude of cuisines and dining formats. Four restaurants are newly awarded One MICHELIN Star, bringing the total of MICHELIN Starred restaurants in Singapore to 51. Lastly, the second MICHELIN Green Star in Singapore is awarded this year, emphasising the commitment to sustainability of one new restaurant.

The MICHELIN Guide is thrilled to present the full restaurant selection of the MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2024. This is the Guide's 8th edition in the Lion City.

Inclusive of the Starred, Bib Gourmand, and Selected addresses, the MICHELIN Guide 2024 features a total of 283 locations. This year’s edition also recognises a new 2-Star restaurant, and a MICHELIN Green Star is awarded to a new eatery as well.

“Singapore's multicultural character extends beautifully to its world-renowned food scene. The variety of options — from fine-dining establishments to iconic hawker centres steeped in tradition — offer a truly captivating culinary experience for visitors,” shares Gwendal Poullennec, the International Director of the MICHELIN Guide.

“Our inspectors are also witnessing a surge of talented young chefs joining the kitchens. Their passion injects fresh energy and creativity into the scene, pushing boundaries and ensuring Singapore remains a leader in culinary innovation. While their individual styles are distinct, these young chefs share a common vision to collectively elevate Singapore's reputation as a global gourmet paradise for discerning food lovers worldwide.”

Innovative Korean restaurant Meta, by chef Sun Kim, is awarded its second MICHELIN Star in the 2024 selection. (Photo: Meta)
Innovative Korean restaurant Meta, by chef Sun Kim, is awarded its second MICHELIN Star in the 2024 selection. (Photo: Meta)

Meta is Promoted to 2 MICHELIN Stars

Hailing from Busan, Korea, chef Sun Kim's refined and modern cooking combines Korean traditions and bold flavours, with contemporary minimalist aesthetics. The dining room shares the same space as the kitchen, for a "chef's table" feel. The steamed Jeju abalone with gochujang seaweed risotto is a hit, with its contrasting textures — the tender mollusc, creamy rice, and crunchy lily bulbs. The seafood-heavy single set menu will also appeal to meat lovers, without a doubt.

Araya is the first restaurant with South American influences to be awarded a MICHELIN Star in Singapore. (Photo: Araya)
Araya is the first restaurant with South American influences to be awarded a MICHELIN Star in Singapore. (Photo: Araya)

4 Restaurants are Newly Awarded with One MICHELIN Star

Araya is helmed by Chilean chefs Francisco Araya and Fernanda Guerrero, who worked together at a restaurant in China. Their ingenious creations are deeply influenced by Araya's time in Spain and Japan, showcasing an eclectic mix of Chilean and Japanese produce, all woven together with a South Pacific theme. Araya is also the first restaurant with South American influences to be awarded a MICHELIN Star in Singapore.

Chaleur is awarded one MICHELIN Star for its 10-course dinner menu that fully expresses executive chef Masahiko Kawano’s culinary vision. After helming some prestigious kitchens in Singapore, the Japanese chef curates a menu that showcases a juxtaposition of French and Japanese ingredients, further elevated by his mastery of solid French techniques. Painstakingly tweaking the consistency of his duck consommé daily, he shows that his attention to detail is second to none.

Matera is a stone's throw away from many tourist attractions in Singapore. The dining concept by experienced German chef Bjoern Alexander pushes the boundaries of Italian cooking with bold Asian influences. Diners can enjoy watching the chefs work their magic in the open kitchen, all while taking in breathtaking views of Marina Bay Sands and the Esplanade. The signature whole red prawn features the perfectly smoked, juicy crustacean with a crispy prawn toast on the side to add contrasting textures.

Pangium offers diners a serene view of the lush, green Singapore Botanic Gardens. Singaporean chef-owner Malcolm Lee's exquisite tasting menu takes guests on a journey to explore the untapped potential of Straits cuisine. Named after the pangium plant, which produces the buah keluak seed, a key ingredient in Peranakan cooking, Pangium pays homage to family recipes passed down through generations, with carefully crafted dishes that taste exceptional.

Fiz is the second restaurant in Singapore to be awarded a MICHELIN Green Star. (Photo: Fiz)
Fiz is the second restaurant in Singapore to be awarded a MICHELIN Green Star. (Photo: Fiz)

Fiz is the Second Restaurant in Singapore to be Awarded a MICHELIN Green Star

Within the MICHELIN Guide restaurant selection, the MICHELIN Green Star highlights establishments at the forefront of the industry for their sustainable practices and dining experiences that combine culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments.

The MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2024 sees its second MICHELIN Green Star awarded to Fiz.

Joining Seroja, the city-state’s first MICHELIN Green Star recipient, the MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2024 welcomes modern Malay restaurant, Fiz (MICHELIN Selected) to the list. Chef-owner Hafizzul Hashim and team offer a set menu inspired by the chef's childhood memories in Malaysia and is designed to give diners a deeper understanding of Malaysian flavours, incorporating a variety of Malaysian spices and ingredients. Fiz has also made a good and effective effort in demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability through its sourcing practices, energy conservation measures, food waste reduction, and engagement with the local community.

L-R: Tambi, Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake, Path (Photo: Tambi, MICHELIN Guide, Path)
L-R: Tambi, Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake, Path (Photo: Tambi, MICHELIN Guide, Path)

23 Other New Establishments Join the MICHELIN Selection

23 other new addresses also join the MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2024 as MICHELIN Selected establishments, bringing the total number to 151, comprising a mix of hawker stalls and restaurants.

Popular Singaporean dishes steadily shine in the new selected establishments, such as Food Street Fried Kway Teow Mee, Guan Kee Fried Carrot Cake, Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake, Zheng Zhi Wen Ji Pig's Organ Soup, and more.

Some interesting newly selected restaurants include Tambi, a collaborative effort by chef-owners Sun Kim, of newly promoted two-MICHELIN-Starred Meta, and Mano Thevar, who helms the eponymous two-MICHELIN-Starred Thevar. Tambi is an innovative restaurant featuring the rare mix of Korean and Indian food. The menu is short but sweet, with creative combinations such as oxtail bone marrow murtabak with kimchi, and a fusion take on Korean cold spicy noodles known as "Tambi's Bibimmyeon".

Path, located at the Marina Bay Financial Centre, presents Asian fare underpinned by classic French techniques, such as its mildly hot crabmeat and tofu spread — a perfect accompaniment for the bread baked in the charcoal oven, or the pork trotter wrapped in caul fat doused in a sauce inspired by the Chinese classic dish of braised pork with pickled mustard greens.

Podi & Poriyal — a vegetarian joint that prides itself in the spicy ground lentil condiment known as podi, and sautéed vegetables, or poriyal. Replicating South Indian grandmothers' cooking, the menu covers all plant-based dietary desires, with gluten-free, allium-free, and vegan options.

Three MICHELIN Guide Special Awards

Besides recommending quality restaurants, the MICHELIN Guide also aims to spotlight talented individuals who enhance the gastronomic dining experience. This approach also recognises the diverse range of jobs and expertise within the restaurant industry.

The MICHELIN Guide Service Award

The MICHELIN Guide Service Award seeks to highlight and encourage skilled and talented professionals who significantly enhance the customer experience. This year, the award goes to Lufianti Susetyo (Fifi) from MICHELIN Selected restaurant Buko Nero.

Susetyo has become a familiar, friendly, and considerate presence at the family-style Buko Nero Italian restaurant for the past five years. Her warm and welcoming demeanour fosters a loyal clientele, a testament to her impeccable service honed over a decade in Singapore's dining scene. With an ever-present smile and infectious positivity, Susetyo creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for guests. Her keen observational skills allow her to anticipate and cater to each guest's unique preferences, exceeding expectations with her attentive and personalised approach. This dedication to exceptional service fosters a genuine sense of hospitality, ensuring every diner feels welcome and valued at Buko Nero.

The MICHELIN Guide Sommelier Award

The 2024 MICHELIN Guide Sommelier Award recognises the skills, knowledge, and passion of talented sommeliers within the industry. This year, the Sommelier Award is given to none other than Tomas Tapia from newly awarded one-MICHELIN-Starred restaurant Araya.

Hailing from Santiago, Chile, Tapia brought his wealth of knowledge and passion for wine to Singapore, where he has spent seven years living in. Beyond his wine expertise, he also possesses a deep understanding of South American cuisine, which he enthusiastically shares with diners. Dedicated to promoting Chilean and South American wines, he regales guests with captivating stories about their unique backgrounds. Through his multifaceted approach, Tapia not only elevates the appreciation of wines, but also cultivates a greater understanding and appreciation for the diverse culinary and cultural tapestry of South America.

The MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award

Presented by Blancpain, the 2024 MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award recognises a young chef working in a restaurant within the selection, and whose exceptional talent and great potential have impressed the inspectors. This year’s award is given to Seth Lai from MICHELIN Selected restaurant, Ce Soir.

Lai's childhood in the idyllic Malaysian countryside nurtured a profound respect for fresh, seasonal ingredients. Despite his young age of 30, Lai's lauded tenures at Singapore's prestigious establishments, including Iggy's and now-defunct 28 Wilkie, cemented his reputation as a rising culinary star. At the helm of Ce Soir, Lai continues to create evocative, boundary-transcending dishes that achieve a harmonious balance between bold flavours and refined simplicity. His intuitive culinary approach draws inspiration from local purveyors, his global travels, and the cherished flavours of his youth, seamlessly integrating tradition and contemporary techniques.

The restaurant selection joins the MICHELIN Guide selection of hotels, which features the most unique and exciting places to stay in Singapore and throughout the world.

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