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7 Top Chefs On What Metamorphosis Means To Them

Seven of the world’s top chefs will gather at the MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2019 Gala Dinner to craft a sensational meal based on the theme of Metamorphosis.

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Come 11 December, seven of the world’s most acclaimed chefs will come together to cook up a storm to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the annual MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau. The highly anticipated gala dinner will be held at Melco Resorts & Entertainment’s City of Dreams in Macau.

The theme of this year’s gala dinner, Metamorphosis, is inspired by the modern evolution of culinary trends and the industry’s proclivity to adapt in the most remarkable ways. Successful chefs and restaurants never settle with the status quo. They continue to innovate and adapt to the changing times, curating diverse and ever-new experiences for their guests. In a shifting landscape, Metamorphosis is a showcase of the unwavering spirit and creativity of the modern chef.

Inspired by the theme, the gala will be a culinary journey through each of the seven chefs’ evolution over a successful career and their interpretation of modern gastronomy. We speak to each of them to find out what metamorphosis and evolution mean to them and how they will present their philosophies on a plate at the gala dinner.
The MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2019 gala dinner will be held at Melco Resorts & Entertainment’s City of Dreams in Macau.
The MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2019 gala dinner will be held at Melco Resorts & Entertainment’s City of Dreams in Macau.
Fabrice Vulin, The Tasting Room
Two Michelin stars, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2018

Poached Gillardeau Oyster No. 3, Shellfish Tartare, Sea Water Jelly, Ginger Cream And Lemon Confit From Menton
“I think the metamorphosis of a chef happens every day. There is no one particular turning point, because every day, every year, you are trying to improve and do better than the day before. My metamorphosis has been a gradual shift from when I was young and first starting out, being influenced by chefs I have worked with — I’m evolving every day. When you create a dish, there is an element of metamorphosis, from your initial concept to the finished product. With this dish, the metamorphosis is taking different things from the sea, things we love, and recreating them into a dish that can be enjoyed by our guests.”

Masa Takayama, Masa
Three Michelin stars, MICHELIN Guide New York City 2019 
Masa Toro Caviar

Chef Masa Takayama 1.png
“To me, metamorphosis isn’t a moment that just happens once in your life. Metamorphosis is a way to live, to constantly change and become a different version of yourself. Sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes you might take a step back, but it’s an opportunity to always be learning along the way. The Masa Toro Caviar dish came to me when I moved to Los Angeles from Tokyo to open my own place. It was a time when I went from feeling like I had made some mistakes to a place where I felt like I had a hit with Ginza Sushiko. I finally understood my customers and what they wanted to eat — this dish very much represents my transition from a sushi chef in Japan to owning my own sushi restaurant in America.”

Kelvin Au Yeung Man Yin, Jade Dragon 
Two Michelin stars, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2018

Fish Maw In Rabbitfish Soup With Crab Meat Roll

“I worked for many years under the guidance of chef Tam Kwok Fung and recently took over the helm from him. This is the biggest turning point in my career, my pinnacle so far, and a real opportunity for metamorphosis for me. This dish, which takes an ordinary ingredient and changes it into something more, reflects that change.”

Alain Ducasse, Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée
Three Michelin stars, MICHELIN Guide France 2018
Cookpot Of Blue Lobster, Black Truffle And Potato

Chef Alain Ducasse.png
“Metamorphosis is at the heart of cooking. Cooking expresses the relationship between humankind and nature, and is essentially the metamorphosis of nature into food. This dish is an alliance of noble and humble produce. Be it a humble potato or a precious truffle, the produce always conveys a wealth of sentiments. Each one conjures up a terroir, a combination of soil and climate. Each one is the result of humans’ efforts for taming wild nature. The role of the cook is to respect and express this intimate relationship.”
Chan Yan Tak, Lung King Heen 
Three Michelin stars, MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2018

Steamed Sea Bass Fillet In Fermented Bean Sauce
Chef Chan Yan Tak - Lung King Heen_.png
“In life, the only constant is change. Every time you adapt and break through, you become a new you. A steamed fish dish is perhaps the most emblematic of Cantonese cuisine; it is food that is shared and it makes frequent appearances on the family table. It’s something I always cook for my family when my children come home for dinner, but this dish can also be elevated and individually plated for a gala dinner. It is the metamorphosis of a family-style dish for the fine-dining table.”
David Kinch, Manresa
Three Michelin stars, MICHELIN Guide San Francisco 2018

Grilled Beef Rib Steak, Black Garlic And Matsutake, “Jus Corsé”
David Kinch 4 - Helge Kirchberger Red Bull Hangar 7.png
“Metamorphosis means to change, to evolve and grow. It is important to not be afraid of these challenges but to embrace them. This is a dish that was introduced to our menu after a damaging fire caused our restaurant to be closed for some time, so it signifies a new beginning. We have charcoal-grilled Japanese beef with Matsutake pine mushrooms and a delicate puree of black garlic and seasoned beef paste. An aged beef broth will then be poured tableside and pearled on the surface with a mushroom-scented oil.”
Pierre Hermé
Legendary French pastry chef and chocolatier

Pierre Herme.png
“This dessert is a play on the theme of metamorphosis. Soft sponge cake is soaked in hazelnut syrup and served with hazelnut praline cream, hazelnut praline paste and whipped cream with hazelnut. We spray dark chocolate over it so it takes on the appearance of a truffle. And inside there is black Perigord truffle. It is the metamorphosis of hazelnut into truffle. A metamorphosis is, for me, a transformation, just like how the black truffle is a buried treasure in the hazelnut. Creating this dessert was an unusual exercise for me because I researched the visual effect at the same time as the taste and I am usually mainly interested in taste.”

Tickets for the black-tie event are currently available for purchase at MOP 4,888 per guest or MOP 28,000 nett per table of 8 guests, at box offices located within City of Dreams and Studio City, and also by phone at +853 8868 6681. For more information, click here.

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