Michelin Inspector Field Notes: June 2018

Hear directly from the source the latest thoughts from our Michelin inspectors.

We've already given you a glimpse of how the inspection process works, but now we want to peel back the curtain a little more to give you additional insight into what's going through the minds of our famously anonymous inspectors. The easiest way to do that? Following one of their Twitter accounts (Chicago, New York or San Francisco) or staying up to date with their latest Instagram posts. And yes, these are real inspectors sharing their personal thoughts.

Praise for the return of La Goule.


The inspectors got in on the Negroni Week action. Did you?

In honor of #negroniweek here are some of our favorite clicks of this iconic Italian #cocktail #cutbywolfgangpuck @chefwolfgangpuck #michelinguideny

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Need a new spot for date night? We've got you covered.

A case is made for the vegetarian tartare at Momotaro.

This #vegetarian spin on #steaktartare @momotarochicago which subs #tomatoes for #beef is so delicious, you may even consider giving up the bovine version altogether #michelinguidech

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Everyone hates a dead cell phone.

Have you had fried rabbit before? The team at Dusek's knows how to do it right.

No, that's not sashimi you're looking at from Avery.

Turning A5 #wagyu fat into a sashimi-style course was quite ingenious @avery_sf #barbecue #caviar #michelinguidesf

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Yes, there is such a thing as too much gold.

This dessert from Bouley at Home looks like a great way to end a meal.

#redcurrant #sorbet and #honey made this warm #walnutcake light, tasty and magnifique! @bouleyathome @davidbouley #dessert #michelinguideny

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In the mood for Caribbean food? Head to Gladys to get your fix.

I like this person, whoever they are.

This bowl of noodles from Sichuan Chong Qing is a great way to cool down during the summer.

Glad I ordered the chilled #noodles with #cucumber as it helped cool my palate between the #spicy #mouthnumbing and peppercorn-laden bites at #SichuanChongQing #chinesefood #peninsula #michelinguidesf

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Someone certainly has a sweet tooth.

A great bouillabaisse can be found at Chumley's.

So glad I passed up the #burger for this fantastic #bouillabaisse with #seabass #scallops and #fennel @chumleysnyc #michelinguideny

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Günter Seeger has some delicious desserts.

In addition to ramen, there's also great fried chicken at Momofuku CCDC.

#ramen at @momofukudc is still being slurped-up left, right & center, but their #friedchicken is a thing of beauty @davidchang #michelinguidedc

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As always, it's best to be on time for your reservations.

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