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The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal
Quite comfortable
Over 75 USD
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There's little resembling the Chumley's of old, save the name, door, and framed book jackets of writers who apparently found their muse in a glass here. The famed watering hole, which had to shutter temporarily a decade ago after a chimney collapse, has risen from the proverbial ashes as a serious contender. This is thanks to Chef Victoria Blamey, who spent time at Atera among other top spots honing her considerable skills. Leather banquettes, French-oak tables, and patterned wallpaper are long on looks, but don't get distracted, since it's all about the (really good) food here. The dishes may sound familiar-like steak tartare and lobster rolls-but there's nothing ho-hum about this menu. From start to finish, the well-executed items sing.
  • 4 Notable cocktail list
  • W Notable beer list




86 Bedford St., NY 10014

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+1 212-675-2081

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Dinner Mon - Sat

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