Sichuan Chong Qing

MICHELIN Guide 2019
The Plate • Fresh ingredients, carefully prepared: a good meal
25 - 50 USD
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View
The medical staff at the Mills Health Center take plenty of heat in an average day, but that doesn’t stop them from piling into this compact neighboring Sichuan restaurant for their fix of spicy chili oil and numbing peppercorns. Both ingredients are featured in the crispy Chong Qing chicken and shrimp, each laden with chili peppers (be sure to watch out for shards of bone in the cleaver-chopped chicken). Skip the mild Mandarin dishes and stick to the house's fiery specialties, like the nutty, smoky cumin lamb with sliced onion, still more chilies and chili oil. Aside from a few contemporary touches, the décor isn't newsworthy and the staff is more efficient than engaging-but you'll likely be too busy enjoying the flavor-packed food to mind.
  • a Wheelchair accessible



Sichuan Chong Qing

211 S. San Mateo Dr., San Francisco, CA 94401

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+1 650-343-1144

Opening hours

Lunch & dinner Tue - Sun

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