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Catalan Food and Culture Knows No Border

The traditions and cultures of Catalonia live in not only Spain, but also France.

13 Feb 2019

Recipe: Pommes Aligot (Video)

Chef Harold Moore of Bistro Pierre Lapin demonstrates how to prepare his potato purée with cheese recipe.

18 Jan 2019
Aaron Hutcherson Aaron Hutcherson

First Day I Got My Michelin Stars: Frédéric Vardon of Le39V In Paris and Hong Kong

We get the world's most celebrated chefs to recall what it was like when they got their very first Michelin stars.

16 Jan 2019

Anne-Sophie Pic to Debut Le Dame de Pic Outpost in Singapore

Singapore spices and ingredients will be integral to the Asian outpost in the historic Raffles Hotel.

21 Sep 2018

Kitchen Language: What Is 'En Vessie?'

Wrapping meat in a pig's bladder before poaching ensures a moist dish that is infused with flavor.

28 Aug 2018

Bastille Day Celebrations Across America

For those looking to get in on the action, head to one of these restaurants celebrating the day.

14 Jul 2018
Abbe Baker Abbe Baker

A Frenchman in America: Guy Savoy’s Trip to the White House

The legendary chef of his eponymous three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris attended the recent state dinner.

26 May 2018
Stephanie Curtis Stephanie Curtis

5 Fantastic French Restaurants in São Paulo

Here's where to get your fix.

13 May 2018
MICHELIN Guide Brazil Editorial Team MICHELIN Guide Brazil Editorial Team

Dominique Crenn's Bar Crenn is France By the Bay

Opening on March 13, Crenn will showcase her compatriots' stellar dishes at her widely-anticipated Bar Crenn.

01 Mar 2018
Beverly Stephen Beverly Stephen

Recipe: Sole Petite Grenobloise

Kick-start the New Year with chef Jean Joho’s healthy and flavorful fish dish.

05 Jan 2018
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