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Trondheim to Host MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries 2020 Star Revelation

The MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries will be presented in Norway for the first time.

On February, 17, 2020, a stellar assembly of the Nordic countries’ leading chefs and restaurant owners will be meeting in Norway’s dynamic food mecca of Trondheim for the launch of the MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries 2020.

Speaking about the announcement, Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the MICHELIN Guides, says, “We are looking forward to celebrating the best Nordic restaurants in Trondheim. Over the years the city has become one of the culinary centers in the Nordic countries. Trondheim is a hub of fresh ideas and valued traditions, and this mix is reflected in the gastronomic scene of the city. The top restaurants are showing a really high level of innovation and sustainability, while using the best produce the region has to offer.”

Hosted by Visit Trondheim, the Star Revelation event will shine a spotlight on the Nordic countries’ newly-starred restaurants in front of selected guests, chefs and members of the press at Olavshallen Concert Hall, followed by a dinner for all the guests at Britannia Hotel.

“This is fantastic news for the Trondheim region, and a milestone for the local cuisine," says Tanja Holmen, director of travel at Visit Trondheim. "We can’t wait to welcome food-loving guests in February next year. This is a unique opportunity to put Trondheim on the world map as a gastronomic must-see destination. Here you will find haute cuisine restaurants with innovative cooking of the highest quality alongside simpler local establishments. All sharing the same commitment to promoting the country’s finest products and a love for the origin of Nordic flavors."

Bente Holm, director of tourism at Innovation Norway, is also celebrating the news. “We congratulate Trondheim on being picked out as the host for the first MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries Star Revelation in Norway," he says. "This is a unique opportunity to be given international attention, and an opportunity to show off what the region of Trondheim has to offer in terms of food, culture and history. For several years, the city of Trondheim has been highlighted as a destination with excellent culinary experiences, and now with the branding Home of Nordic Flavors, this will also benefit the rest of Norway as a travel destination. The choice of venue of the MICHELIN Star Revelation in 2020 is recognition of the great work we have done in positioning Trondheim and Norway as a culinary nation.”

The minister of industry, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, is thrilled, and gives Trondheim his best wishes for the launch in 2020. “It is certainly great that MICHELIN wants to host this event in Norway, and I’m personally rooting for everything that is contributing to enhancing the quality of food," he says. "I hope that the attention given to Norway as a culinary nation will contribute to an increase in small and medium sized businesses, more jobs and a wider range of food service offerings. Congratulations to Trondheim, and good luck with the event!”

Selected media and journalists will receive their invitations in January of next year. MICHELIN will share a press release containing the complete list of the restaurants receiving star distinctions immediately after the presentation.

MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries

The first edition of the MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries debuted in February 2015. Next year will mark the first year in which the guide will be distributed in Norway. Norway has a total of eight star restaurants in the 2019 edition of the guide: one three-star (Maaemo in Oslo) and seven one-star (Kontrast, Galt and Statholdergaarden in Oslo, Credo and Fagn in Trondheim, and Sabi Omakase and RE-NAA in Stavanger). The 2020 edition of the guide will be available sale at selected bookstores the day after launch.

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