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Ian Davis Joins Entente as Co-Executive Chef

Davis left his position as executive chef at Band of Bohemia at the end of 2018.


Ian Davis relatively quietly left his position as executive chef at Band of Bohemia at the end of 2018, his last service being New Year's Eve. Now having spent a few days in Mexico to recharge, Davis will be starting a new adventure: joining Brian Fisher as co-executive chef of Entente, known "for its creative American culinary vision and the contemporary menu [that] is unabashedly authentic and interesting," according to inspectors.

The announcement was made in conjunction with news of relocating the restaurant from the space on North Lincoln Avenue to Sedgwick and Huron. Of the old location, inspectors noted "its striking glass façade and moody interior." Per the press release, "The current Lakeview location will transition into a versatile event space."

"The concept's original intention was a true collaboration," notes the release, then just between Ty Fujimura (Fujimura Hospitality) and Fisher. Now that ethos extends to the kitchen.

Davis says that he has known Fisher for some time now, and over a series of conversations after Davis shared that he was looking to explore new opportunities outside of Band of Bohemia, they settled on the co-executive chef concept. In conversation with Davis, "The meaning behind 'entente' is 'to come together,' so why not?"

Davis plans to begin his collaboration with Fisher in the new Entente location in the next couple of weeks, ahead of an anticipated March 25 opening. "It's just us cooking together, working together," says Davis. "We both want the same thing. We want to give great food that is fun, innovative, thought-provoking and just honest. And that's it. It's like a basketball game—I don't care who takes the last shot as long as we win." He says that Fisher has the same mindset.

Though there are a number of examples of multiple cooks in the kitchen for both temporary and more extended periods of time, this is one of the few (if not only) permanent chef partnerships where the responsibilities aren't divided (such as between savory and pastry), both chefs led Michelin-starred restaurants and they aren't a romantic couple. "It's never been done before at this level," says Davis. "This is what selfless cooking is about. No egos—just two dope people coming together to cook great, fun food."

As for the food, it'll continue to be the progressive American cuisine that Fisher and Entente are known for, and a little bit different from the types of things Davis was doing at Band of Bohemia.

"It should be fun."

Photo by Kristen Mendiola.

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