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The Signature of Thailand—Experience The Spirit Of Thai Culture With Mekhong Thai Sabai Cocktail

Thai people are known for their ‘sabai’ or easy-going attitude. What better way to experience Thai culture than with a delicious Thai meal paired with the perfect Thai cocktail?

Cocktail pairing is a huge trend in Thailand and that’s hardly surprising. Not only does it offer a refreshing take on the dining experience, it also allows diners to experience an array of exotic flavours in their quest for the perfect cocktail. While not quite set in stone, the rules of cocktail pairing are quite simple and you can never go wrong with a drink consisting of ingredients that will complement the dish (or dishes) you are enjoying. With Thai cuisine, it is only natural that cocktails featuring Thai herbs and ingredients help to bring out the complexity of the flavours in each Thai dish. Introducing Mekhong Thai Sabai, a refreshing cocktail made with Mekhong premium Thai liquor that will awaken your palate and add depth to each dish.

A leading drink in Mekhong’s wide selection of Thai artisanal cocktail creations, the Mekhong Thai Sabai is a signature cocktail that encapsulates the spirit of Thailand through its unique blend of local herbs and aromatic notes. In the Thai language, the word ‘sabai’ means comfortable or cosy. Indeed, this is a fitting description of the Thai tradition and its people, whose charms lie in their easy-going and laid-back disposition that is well-loved by visitors across the globe. Created to reflect the unique characteristic of Thai-ness, Mekhong Thai Sabai features a citrusy and herbal cocktail that’s both refreshing and relaxing. The drink is packed with the fragrant aroma of fresh lime juice and sweet basil leaves, topped with some crisp soda for that extra kick. The tropical, herbal nose is accentuated by the premium Mekhong rum, whose blend of local herbs and caramel helps to highlight the complex flavours of Thai cuisine.

As such, Mekhong Thai Sabai makes for an ideal companion for those looking for that perfect drink to pair off with a Thai dish. A permanent on many leading Thai restaurants across Bangkok, diners can find this special cocktail at leading establishments including Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, Baan Suriyasai, Blue Elephant (Sathorn), Osha, Supanniga Eating Room (Thonglor, Sathorn), Somtum Der (Thonglor, Chaing Mai) , and Kiew Kai Ka BKK. For those who prefer to savour the drink on its own, the Mekhong Thai Sabai cocktail is also available at hotels across Bangkok. Head to W Bangkok Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel and the Pullman Bangkok Hotel G for a relaxing evening with Mekhong Thai Sabai.

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