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Michelin Guide Bangkok

‘MICHELIN’ in Partnership with ‘TAT’ Officially Announce Launch of the MICHELIN GUIDE Bangkok

Michelin and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has recently and officially announced their strategic partnership for the publication of Bangkok editions of The MICHELIN Guide, the world’s most revered and recognized hotel and restaurant reference guide. Scheduled to launch at the end of 2017, the first MICHELIN Guide Bangkok edition is expected to bring local gastronomies to international standards, as well as contribute to local economy in the long term.
Lionel Dantiacq, Managing Director – East Asia and Australia, Michelin Group, revealed: “Bangkok stands out as one of the culinary capitals of the world, with amazing cuisines from various types of dining establishments – be it fine-dining restaurants, trendy eateries, and street food hawkers. We are eager to discover the city’s culinary treasures, and excited to lend our long-standing credibility to Bangkok’s dining scene –playing a part in promoting the rich heritage of Thai cuisine to the world; as well as enhancing travelling experience, of which local cuisine is an integral part, among domestic and foreign tourists.
Once completed, the MICHELIN Guide Bangkok will make Thailand the second country in Southeast Asia (after Singapore), and the sixth country in Asia (afterJapan, China, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong), to have its own MICHELIN Guide. The partnership between Michelin and TAT is believed to lay a strong foundation to hype up Bangkok on a global scale through the prestigious Michelin Guide as an international gastronomic destination.
Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said: “Michelin Guide serves as an influential gastronomic bible to many people around the world. Therefore, we are confident that this partnership will significantly benefit Thailand’s tourism industry at many levels – that is, to attract more high-profile tourists; to help increase their food spending per head - thus, boosting the business of local restaurants; and to substantially contribute to Thailand’s overall economic development. In addition, by attempting to meet the MICHELIN Guide’s highly respected rating system, local restaurants will keep raising their bars of gastronomic excellence in quality and service.
Slated to be launched at the end of 2017 in a bilingual edition (Thai and English) and available in both print and digital versions, the MICHELIN Guide Bangkok is expected to create a buzz among food aficionados around the globe, and help boost the overall food spending per head of tourists in Thailand by 10%.

About the MICHELIN Guide

Thanks to the rigorous MICHELIN Guide selection process that is applied independently and consistently across 28 countries, the MICHELIN Guide has become an international benchmark in fine dining. The selections of all restaurants in the guide are made by Michelin's famously anonymous inspectors, who are trained to scrupulously apply the same time-tested methods used by Michelin inspectors for many decades throughout the world. This ensures a uniform, international standard of excellence. As a further guarantee of complete objectivity, Michelin inspectors pay all their bills in full, and only the quality of the cuisine is evaluated. To fully assess the cooking in a restaurant, the inspectors apply five criteria defined by Michelin: product quality, preparation and flavors, the chef's personality as revealed through his or her cuisine, value for money, and consistency over time and across the entire menu. These objective criteria are respected by all MICHELIN Guide inspectors, whether in Asia, Europe or the United States. They guarantee a consistent selection so that a Star restaurant has the same value regardless of whether it is located in Tokyo, Singapore, Paris or New York.

Michelin has been a pioneering force in advancing mobility through innovation and excellence in manufacturing quality. The company patented the pneumatic, or air-filled, tire in the late 1800s. This was a milestone moment in mobility, permitting automobile owners to travel greater distances in a single journey. Then, in an effort to prompt travelers to enjoy their newfound mobility, the company created guides and detailed maps to steer travelers on theirway. The most famous publication that developed from this is the internationally recognized MICHELIN Guide.

Providing a showcase of gourmet dining around the world, the MICHELIN Guide highlights the culinary dynamism of a country, as well as new trends and emerging young chefs. Creating value for restaurants through the awards that it attributes each year, the Guide contributes to the prestige of the local gastronomy, thereby making cities and countries more attractive to tourists. Backed by its rigorous selection method and long-standing knowledge of the hospitality industry, the MICHELIN Guide provides customers with unique expertise that enables it to offer them a quality service.

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