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Stars & Awards Announced: The MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries 2022

New Michelin Distinctions Include 2 Two Stars, 11 One Stars, 5 Bib Gourmands and 5 Green Stars – Plus 4 Special Awards Were Announced

The MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries 2022 was unveiled today at the Stavanger Concert Hall in Norway, in collaboration with the Rogaland County Municipality, the City of Stavanger, Visit Region Stavanger and the Stavanger Concert Hall. The guide recognises outstanding culinary talent in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden; destinations which shine with the personality and boldness of their chefs. Here’s all the news.

Palace, Helsinki
Palace, Helsinki

2 new restaurants receive Two Michelin Stars

Frederikshøj – Denmark
Palace – Finland

Both of these restaurants have been promoted from One to Two Michelin Stars, bringing the total number of Two-Starred restaurants in the Nordic Countries Guide to 14.

Frederikshøj is located in Aarhus, within the former staff lodge of the Royal Palace. A smart and luxurious restaurant, it offers great views over its gardens and out to sea. It opened it 2009 and was awarded its first Star in 2015 – the first year that Aarhus was covered by the MICHELIN Guide – and this second Star illustrates how the team have continued to evolve and strive for excellence.

Working in some of Denmark’s finest restaurants, Wassim Hallal gained respect for the classical kitchen, and he adds his own blend of originality and personality to this extensive experience to create bold, daring dishes which have the occasional playful element.

Sauces are a highlight, and one of the favourite dishes of the inspectors was the turbot, lightly glazed with a velvety, intensely flavoured sauce.

Palace is in the heart of Helsinki, on the 10th floor of a modernist building constructed in 1952 for the Olympic Games, which offers stunning views over the harbour. The awarding of Two Stars here is particularly poignant as this landmark restaurant gained Helsinki’s first Star in 1987.

Eero Vottonen and his team offer a sophisticated tasting menu underpinned by superb ingredients. Cooking combines modern Nordic recipes with French and Japanese influences and the resulting dishes are delicate, beautifully presented and well-balanced – and finished tableside by the chefs themselves, which adds to the experience.

One dish which particularly impressed the inspectors was raw shrimps, tomato and grilled jalapeño, served with Palace reserve caviar, sweet peas and organic egg.

Schlägergården, Oslo
Schlägergården, Oslo

11 new restaurants awarded One Michelin Star

This brings the total number of One Star restaurants in the 2022 MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries to 56.

Jatak – Denmark
At this intimate restaurant in the Nørrebro neighbourhood of the capital, chef Jonathan Tam offers modern cuisine which combines top-quality Danish ingredients and with strong Asian flavours.

MOTA – Denmark
In Nykøbing Sjælland, chef Claus Henriksen takes the best ingredients from local Danish producers – including many from the nearby fjord – to create dishes that are fresh, innovative and bursting with flavour.

Kaskis – Finland
This restaurant in Turku is the first Finnish Michelin Star outside Helsinki. Chefs Erik Mansikka and Simo Raisio offer a tasting menu which combines bold colours and flavours with a fine, delicate touch.

ÓX – Iceland
Located in Reykjavik, and run by talented chef Thráinn Freyr Vigfússon, ÓX offers the best Icelandic produce in highly personalised dishes, which blend traditional flavours with a modern edge.

Hot Shop – Norway
Oslo’s Hot Shop, by chef Jo Bøe Klakegg, is a friendly, canteen-style neighbourhood bistro, whose surprise tasting menu is based on the best seasonal, local ingredients available. Rich, technically adept dishes come with real depth of flavour.

Hyde – Norway
Hyde, from British chef Matthew North, is the perfect location for a fun evening out in the capital; keeping the lights down low whilst cranking the music up high. Dishes come with bold, punchy flavours, and the natural wines are particularly well-chosen.

Lysverket – Norway
Set within an art museum in Bergen, on the southwest coast of Norway, Lysverket was opened by chef Christopher Haatuft in 2013. Seasonal ‘short’ and ‘long’ menus showcase the Norwegian larder, and the intelligently crafted, balanced dishes burst with flavour.

Schlägergården – Norway
Led by Bjørn Svensson, this restaurant sits within a remote 18C farmhouse just outside the capital, and showcases superlative local produce – including some they have foraged, grown or preserved themselves – in pure, expertly crafted dishes.

Adam / Albin – Sweden
Chefs Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman opened this Stockholm restaurant 6 years ago. They offer a highly personable experience, adding a little theatre to proceedings by finishing their dishes at the table and explaining the make-up of their original, intricate creations.

Knystaforsen – Sweden
An old sawmill in Rydöbruk is the location of both home and work for chef Nicolai Tram and his wife, restaurant manager and sommelier, Eva. Local meats, game, fish and foraged plants feature in dishes cooked over an open fire.

Nour – Sweden
At this intimate restaurant in the capital, experienced chef Sayan Isaksson’s heritage is reflected throughout the well-composed tasting menu, which seamlessly combines Swedish and Asian elements in original combinations.

Møf, Aarhus
Møf, Aarhus

5 new restaurants awarded a Bib Gourmand

Launched in 1997 to highlight restaurants offering good food at a great price, the Bib Gourmand has grown over the years to become a very popular award with foodies and travellers alike. There are a total of 32 ‘Bibs’ in this year’s guide.

Bjørnekælderen, Denmark
This characterful Copenhagen restaurant has lots of cosy nooks, plenty of bears (Bjørnekælderen means Bear’s Basement) and a friendly service team. Carefully prepared lunchtime smørrebrød makes way for more substantial dishes in the evening.

Møf, Denmark
Ask for a seat at the counter to watch the young chef-owners cook in the open kitchen at this cosy, relaxed Aarhus restaurant. Modern dishes are Danish at heart and come with interesting flavour contrasts.

Jossa Mat & Drikke, Norway
Delightfully fresh, unfussy Norwegian cooking is on the table at this bright restaurant in Trondheim. It's run with the same sustainable ethos as sister Credo and the cheery staff clearly love what they do.

Mathias Dahlgren-Matbaren, Sweden
Set within the Grand Hotel Matbaren in Stockholm, this trendy, modern bistro offers flavourful dishes with a Scandinavian heart – perfect for sharing, if you’re here in a group. Keen service adds to the appeal.

Ruths, Sweden
At lunchtime, this lively, laid-back Malmö spot serves snacks and salads, while at dinner there’s a range of satisfying Mediterranean-influenced dishes on offer. Bread and pastries from their bakery feature widely.

Oxenstiernan, Stockholm
Oxenstiernan, Stockholm

5 new restaurants awarded a Michelin Green Star

Five restaurants have been newly awarded a Michelin Green Star for their commitment to sustainable gastronomy. This brings the number of Green Star restaurants in the Nordic Countries Guide to 38 out of a total of 255. This is one of the highest percentages across all of the MICHELIN Guides worldwide.

Natura – Helsinki, Finland
A large proportion of vegetables used at this restaurant come from their own garden in Helsinki, with herbs and berries foraged from within 50km. Other ingredients are sourced from small, family-run local businesses, who share the restaurant’s passion for sustainability.

DILL, Reykjavic, Iceland
Everything that comes through the door is used and nothing wasted at this first floor restaurant. In summer they forage, using some of what they collect immediately, whilst also preserving ingredients for use in the winter months.

Jossa Mat & Drikke – Trondheim, Norway
This little sister to Credo shares its sustainable approach: they support local farmers and the local community, as well as the Geitmyra Culinary Centre for children. The chefs regularly visit farms to gain new experiences and to consider the sustainability focus of the restaurant.

Knystaforsen – Rydöbruk, Sweden
Cooking here happens over an open fire, using ingredients from the rivers, lakes and woods surrounding them, as well as from local producers, and the no-choice plant-focused menu is based around what’s in season. They consider the wellbeing of their staff to be paramount.

Oxenstiernan – Stockholm, Sweden
Sustainability is at the heart of everything they do at this bistro. They follow the seasonal calendar for crops, meat and animal products and collaborate closely with farmers to put together a menu that showcases the very best of what the farmer has harvested that particular day.

Rest., Oslo
Rest., Oslo

Four Special Awards

Four Special Awards were presented at the launch ceremony to honour talented professionals working within the hospitality industry:

Welcome and Service – Heidi Bjerkan and the team at Credo in Trondheim, Norway
In this restaurant, which is unusually located in a former tank factory, guests are warmly greeted and treated in a professional, attentive manner by Heidi Bjerkan and her friendly young team. Heidi is ever-present and always aware of her diners’ needs, whether that be serving at the pass, pouring wines or chatting to guests.

Sommelier – Christina Haukka from Restaurant Kaskis in Turku, Finland
Christina Haukka has a relaxed yet very attentive approach, which demonstrates her extensive knowledge of wines. Trained in Paris and with lots of experience in some top restaurants, Christina continues to expand her knowledge and has a refreshing, open-minded and inquisitive approach, as her keen interest in sake illustrates.

Young Chef – Jimmy Øien from Rest. in Oslo, Norway
In 2018, with two friends, Jimmy opened Rest. – a restaurant with a strong sustainable ethos focused around using what many would discard, and a simple mantra: waste not, want not, which has already led to recognition with a Michelin Green Star. Jimmy’s culinary skills and ambitious vision are rarely found in such a young chef.

Chef Mentor – Wassim Hallal from Restaurant Frederikshøj in Aarhus, Denmark
Chef Wassim Hallal moved to Denmark in 1985 and, after working in some of the country’s best restaurants, established his own restaurant, Frederikshøj, in 2009. Over the years, he has passed on his knowledge and skills to many young chefs, providing training and encouragement, and helping to create the next generation of talented Danish chefs.

The MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries selection at a glance
255 recommended restaurants including:
4 Three Star restaurants
14 Two Star restaurants (2 new)
56 One Star restaurants (11 new)
32 Bib Gourmand restaurants (5 new)
38 Green Star restaurants (5 new)

The full restaurant selection for the MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries can be found exclusively on the MICHELIN Guide website (click for quick links to: Denmark/Finland/Iceland/Norway/Sweden) and also on the MICHELIN Guide iOS and Android apps.

Click here for the Full List of Awards and here for all New Additions in the in the MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries 2022.

MICHELIN Guide Ceremony

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