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Gothenburg’s Star Restaurants

Looking for a Michelin Starred Restaurant in Gothenburg? Here’s where to go…

Sweden Michelin star

Being the country’s capital, it’s a given that Stockholm is at the top of anyone’s list when visiting Sweden, but the country’s attractive second city is well worth a visit too.

Gothenburg sits on the west coast and water is an overriding feature – it’s set at the mouth of the Göta älv river and has the largest port of all the Nordic countries. Prices are also slightly lower here than in Stockholm too, so it’s a great alternative for the more budget-conscious.

When it comes to dining out, the city boasts six One Star restaurants. Each offers something a little different, so there’s something here for everyone.

With its clean lines and chic feel, Bhoga is a hit with the younger crowd. The dishes here might appear simple to look at but they make imaginative use of ingredients and have a hidden depth of flavour. Koka also offers creative modern cooking but is a place where they take on a ‘less is more’ approach, keeping plates simple and really showcasing the quality of the local produce.

If you really fancy getting up close and personal with the chefs, buzzy SK Mat & Människor will make you feel like you’re sitting in the kitchen itself, with tables arranged around two open kitchens and the chefs delivering the dishes themselves. Here you’ll find a few more items on the plate and a stimulating interplay between ingredients.

If you’d prefer your view to be of the city rather than the food, Upper House is the place to go. It sits on the 25th floor in the hotel of same name, offers superb panoramic views over the city and has a certain air of formality about it. Lengthy menus are made up of dishes with an innovative, playful element to them – you even get to watch your bread being cooked over a hot stone at your table.

You’ll find the locals making a beeline for the slightly more hidden away 28+. Set in the basement of an attractive townhouse, this passionately run restaurant has been a Gothenburg institution for over 30 years. Swedish and French influences combine in intricate modern dishes and their cheese selection is exceptional.

For those that would rather head just outside of the bustling city centre, long-standing neighbourhood restaurant Thörnströms Kök is the place to go. The experienced chef-owner offers refined versions of classic French dishes along with a great choice of wines from their stunning wine cave.

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