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The Best Bread Service According to Michelin Inspectors

These loaves are certainly worth the dough.

bread inspectors

Moving beyond restaurants deserving of recognition, our famously anonymous inspectors are giving us a little more info about the individual items they like the most. This time around, the inspectors have rounded up some of their favorite breads that are worth the dough.


"A bite into this soft, airy and fragrant pain brioché instantly opened the floodgates to my childhood memories."

The bread from Outerlands.
The bread from Outerlands.


"Warm and crusty levain at Outerlands that was completely worth the dough."

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"Crisp, flaky and bacon-y bing bread is the rightful start to any meal at Parachute."

The Clocktower
The Clocktower

The Clocktower

"A sweet and airy original composed with a splash of beer."

Rose's Luxury

"Seriously could make a meal out of this potato brioche."

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