Atelier Crenn n

MICHELIN Guide 2018
Two Stars • Excellent cooking, worth a detour
Very comfortable
Over 75 USD
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View
Located along an attractive strip in the affluent Marina, Chef Dominique Crenn’s gorgeous and contemporary restaurant hums with creative energy. Past the entrance and charming foyer, is a newly designed dining room that feels roomier yet cozy, peppered with homey charm, an earthy palette, sleek tables, and soft lighting. A cadre of servers dressed in dark suits is poised, polished, and unfailingly professional. The menu is structured like a poem written by the chef herself and is cleverly adapted to welcome diners, with each course providing an elegant turn of prose. Highlighting an array of luxurious ingredients to suit the whims of the season are dishes like an orb of grilled Koshihikari rice topped with steamed Hokkaido uni and treated with a savory white wine and fennel broth. Inspired by the chef's childhood memories of foraging with her father are grilled porcinis crowned by translucent sheets of lardo and coupled with parmesan custard. Albeit cerebral, the kitchen flaunts a welcoming, celebratory air. This is also expressed through a playful dessert tasting of Mayan-inspired corn crisps topped with frozen corn mousse, or sapote ice cream in a bee pollen-sprinkled wafer cone.
  • N Notable wine list
  • a Wheelchair accessible
  • { Private dining rooms



Atelier Crenn

3127 Fillmore St., CA 94123

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+1 415-440-0460

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Dinner Tue - Sat

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